Doreen Virtue Certifies Japanese Angel Card Readers 18-19 March 2018

To her Christian audience, Doreen Virtue has declared that she stopped doing Angel Oracle Card readings, as well as Tarot readings. She has instructed her English-speaking following to instead trust the Lord and read their Bible. Yet to her Japanese audience, she is still very much the go-to Oracle Card teacher and ‘Angel Lady.’ This is also the case in many other countries, such as Italy and Germany, my European friends tell me.

This weekend, she has kept very quiet about  teaching a Certified Angel Oracle Card reader course in Hawaii. In this Vimeo video shot in HI on the 18th of March for her Bible study group, she claims that the workshop she is teaching this weekend is about ‘God’s Holy Angels’ – Not a peep about it being a Certified Angel Card Reader’s course. THIS is how she presents the course to her Japanese audience in the promo video for the event. Doreen also claims to her Christian audience she will be sharing this workshop as a free video series later on.

Will she though? Is what she is doing in this HI resort what she will be unleashing on the world later… or will it be an alternative version more suitable for her Christian audience? Will the actual card reading bits be cut out? Because I find it hard to imagine that she would show  her Christian English-speaking fans find out that she has reverted back to relying on Oracle cards for guidance.

And if she is NOT OK with relying on Oracle cards for guidance, why is she teaching others to do so? Not only teaching but certifying. How very odd!

The workshop is taking place at a very plush Hawaii resort and it looks like Doreen is charging 135,000 Yen for the two-day certification course, which comes to about $1,277. Could she not turn the money down? Why not sell one of her many properties instead if she is having cash flow problems?

How on earth will she try to explain this one away once it becomes public knowledge that she is still certifying people to do oracle card readings? More importantly, how does she justify this to the ‘Real Jesus,’ whom she allegedly had the great pleasure of meeting in person on the 7th of January, 2017?

You can find the English page for the Japanese site advertising this event HERE.

The screenshot on the top of this post is from a video on the Japanese site. Scroll down to the third video and check at 43 seconds.

View images from the event HERE.

ETA: Someone suggested that maybe Doreen was just there to talk about the Angels and Radleigh would be doing the card reading bit. I don’t find that likely since Radleigh just announced that he is on holiday with his husband until 24 March and the events schedule kind of speaks for itself…

Though it was all in Doreen Virtue’s name, it looks like Angela Hartfield had been roped in to replace Radleigh Valentine with the card reading portion of the workshop. Does Jesus approve of Doreen certifying Angel Oracle Card readers as long as she doesn’t physically teach them herself?

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PS. You can read about Doreen’s response as the social media pressure started building HERE.