Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz – New Deck Interview

The New Age/modern occult practices are just a revival of the ancient Gnostic deception. After my deliverance from a spirit of python, I no longer stand by what I have shared below. Only Jesus Christ saves. Only the blood of Christ has the power to heal, cleanse of us sin and drive out all wicked spirits. As of 9 January 2023, I only publish Christian content on Angelorum. I am keeping older posts to help people looking for answers in the realm of false light find Jesus.

A Tarotist colleague of mine, Oephebia, recommended the Faerie Tarot in a discussion thread about decks that have the power to give us an instant lift and raise the vibration. After looking at some sample images online, I decided this deck would definitely fit my reading style. It’s non-traditional in the sense that the imagery is not cloned from the RWS tarot but it’s quirky, colourful and fun in a way that brings a smile to the heart… or perhaps a gentle hug from the realm of the Faerie.

In order to get to know this deck a bit better, I decided to try FireRaven’s New Deck Interview Spread. This is the layout :

****** 5 ****** 6 ******
********** 4 **********
****** 3 ****** 2 ******
********** 1 **********

1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
2. What are your strengths as a deck?
3. What are your limits as a deck?
4. What do you bring to the table — what are you here to teach me?
5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?
6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

Before doing this reading, I grounded, centred and mentally asked the fairies to guide me. Every deck has its own spirit, a child of the artist’s psyche and so I welcomed the spirit of the deck to take part as well.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that every deck has its own spirit as well, so I asked the spirit of the Faerie Tarot for help and guidance as well. There are many stories of people picking up energetically dense decks such as the Thoth Tarot and feeling repelled by the deck. Why would this phenomenon occur if it weren’t for the spirit of the deck nudging the novice to have a more reverent and studious approach before reading with it?

1. My most important characteristic – King of Swords: I help you stay objective and detached as well as connected to nature. You won’t feel alone when you work with this deck. Like the wolf in the card, you will feel connected to your kin and they’re always only a howl away. This will give you the courage to forge ahead with your readings independently and with authority.

2. My strengths – The Hanged Man: I can help you be more perceptive to the goodness and sweetness in life. Isn’t that the new perspective you always wanted? I know I have haunted you in the past in the shape of your Shadow Card but this is the beginning of a new paradigm, full of sunshine, birds and strawberries. Look, you dropped your strawberry! Let me reach to pick it up for you!

3. My limitations – Knight of Wands: OK, I’ll admit it – I do have a tendency to get a bit too caught up in fun, frolics and pleasure-seeking. But you, my friend, have a tendency to be too hard on yourself, so maybe this isn’t such a bad thing in terms of getting the balance right for you.

4. What I’m here to teach you – 8 of Wands: That you don’t have to rush towards a new tomorrow. It’s already here. All you have to do is keep your heart’s eyes open and see the magick all around you. Believe that things are changing for the better and they will. I’m snail mail for your soul – something you can hold to instantly feel better, something real and tangible yet numinous, mysterious and full of wisdom. I will share all that I know with you at a pace that suits your soul.

5. How you can best work with me – 6 of Cups: See me as an old friend!

6. The potential outcome – 5 of Cups: This deck has the power to alleviate deep sorrow because the messages of wisdom from the Fairie realm are not philosophical and don’t preach to us that everything ‘happens for a reason’. The fairies help us see the synchronicity and serendipities of life with the eyes of children and remind us to stay in the moment. They don’t deny the pain and sorrow of the heart but they help us pierce the illusion of grief that serves no other purpose than to hold us down.

The LWB gives reversed meanings for each of the cards but I think I’ll prefer to read all the cards upright, look at the quirky images and let the fairies speak straight to my heart – just like an old friend.