18 feb tarot love haiku

Form – A Tarot Love Haiku

Form, revealed to me
Stirs my desire to find you –
Depths yet unexplored

As I lay in bed this morning, eyes still closed on waking, I thought about my theme card of the day, The Empress. It is the fourth fast day of my 11 week intermittent fasting diet and for each of the 22 fast days, I journey with one of the Majors, starting with The Fool and ending with The World.

In yesterday’s Tarot Love Haiku post, I wrote:

A couple who fully embody male and female divine energy… that is what makes for ‘Twin Flames’… That is a couple made of two people who have surrendered their lives in divine service. It’s not about great sex or fabulous romance… It’s about service and becoming a beacon for grace in society.

So this morning Twin Flames were very much on my mind and I started wondering what role the Venusian Empress might play in this divine drama, when I saw clearly a vision of how the Tarot itself is a map for Twin Flames to find each other.

It starts (The Fool) and ends (The World) with One Flame… but in the final Trump, each half has travelled down the path of self-actualisation as male or female (and I’m still not talking about the actual physical gender)…

And I realised that Plato’s story about Twin Flames should never have been interpreted literally but as an allegory for soul alchemy. Because we each have to travel down this path during many incarnations until we can return to God as One Pure Flame of SELF-REALISED Unconditional Love. This is God’s desire through you and me… and that is why we are fuelled by the passion to ‘know’ another in the Biblical sense. But only if we approach sex in a tantric manner can we even begin to unravel the mystery with any kind of spiritual awareness.

There are many layers to this divine drama and I do not claim to understand it all but as I started thinking of each of the Trumps in turn, I could clearly see how the flame split (The Magician and The High Priestess) and all the many lesson each soul must navigate before it has completed its own Hero’s Journey and the flame burns brightly as One once more.

In the Empress and Emperor, the souls descend into the third dimension and have to navigate Nature with lessons of creative chaos vs order and organisation. The Empress whips us into a frenzy to procreate but she also teaches us about the sacrifices we must make in order to see our offspring prosper. Without the Emperor’s ability to organise, it would all quickly go to seed and there would be no legacy to leave to future generations.

Now to our draw for today’s Tarot Love Haiku:

In the Hierophant, we see the form of the one flame – a ritual representation of the Hieros Gamos which plays out the drama of the union of the God and the Goddess. We hold onto this ritual representation and fantasise about it endlessly until the day a truer understanding dawns. It is not about finding ‘The One.’ It is about being ‘The One.’

Only by seeking the truth and speaking our truth, can we get closer to the Truth of this Great Mystery. I love that we got ‘Throat Chakra’ here from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle and that both are number 5 (number of lessons and adaptability). You see, The Hierophant from the Frideborg Tarot (Taurus/Archangel Anael) corresponds with the throat chakra. The throat chakra rules ears, nose and throat. We have two ears and only one mouth because the more we listen, the more of the mystery will revealed…

Another level of the mystery is that as the male is to the female or the God is to the Goddess, so Christ is to His Church, the Bride.

This has been one of these posts that I will be thinking about after I leave my desk, and most likely wish I had more time to complete because so much is becoming apparent even as I write… But I really have to go now…

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