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Challenge and Blessings Tarot Card Meanings - Frideborg Tarot Black Cat

Contrary to popular belief, there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Tarot cards. Sure, there are cards that make us go ‘Ouch!’ when they show up in a reading. And the more entitled we feel, the more of those ‘ouch’ moments we are likely to experience. However, when we graduate from using divinatory tools to tell fortunes, to show us divine guidance which can help us align with Higher Will, then we embrace the full spectrum of very useful meanings for each of the Tarot Keys.

Every Tarot card contains both blessings and challenges and each card also contains its own remedy. In the Tarot card meanings guide below, I show you where to find shadow and light for each card, including the Frideborg Tarot Black Cat card.

Challenge and Blessing in each of the 78 Tarot Keys

Major Arcana

The FoolChallenge: Don’t be reckless. Blessing: You are a free spirit and Spirit-guided.
The MagicianChallenge: Avoid deception. Blessing: All the skills you need are available to you.
The High PriestessChallenge: Relax. Avoid emotional manipulation Blessing: Your third eye is functioning well.
The EmpressChallenge: Don’t be so easily distracted and chaotic. Blessing: You are open to receiving creative inspiration and putting yourself in a state of flow.
The EmperorChallenge: Be authoritative rather than authoritarian. Blessing: You are a natural leader and people look to you for guidance. You are the boss of your own life.
The HierophantChallenge: Don’t be too rigid. Blessing: You stand on the shoulders of giants.
The LoversChallenge: You may feel tempted to choose heart over mind or mind over heart. Blessing: You can now make a choice that aligns your heart with your mind.
The ChariotChallenge: Conflicting interests and a lack of discipline could cause you to self-sabotage. Blessing: You have the strength and discipline to pull it together.
StrengthChallenge: Your ego is out of control. Blessing: Your Higher Self tames the ego and the id with kindness.
The HermitChallenge: Stop isolating yourself from the world. Blessing: Your thoughts are refined in your self-imposed solitary confinement.
The Wheel of Fortune – Move in the direction of where your energy expands. Challenge: Avoid going overboard. Blessing: Centre yourself in the centre of the hub.
JusticeChallenge: Perpetual dilly-dallying. Staying balanced. Blessing: Fair decisions can now be reached and harmony restored.
The Hanged ManChallenge: To avoid feeling victimised by life. Blessing: Willingly offering your life as a sacrifice for divine service.
DeathChallenge: Resisting change. Blessing: Embracing change.
TemperanceChallenge: Avoid aimlessness. Blessing: Understanding that mindfully integrating opposing influences can lead to a new vision.
The DevilChallenge: Taking the easy way out and shutting out the voice of your Higher Self. Blessing: Toughening up and resisting temptation.
The TowerChallenge: Anger issues. Impotence. Blessing: The oomph to get things done and start over if need be.
The StarChallenge: Avoid extreme detachment. Blessing: Showing compassion without getting bogged down by the problems of others.
The Moon – Challenge: Avoid delusion and the wearing of rose-tinted glasses. Blessings: You no longer fear fear.
The Sun – Challenge: Mind that ego! Blessing: You are comfortable in your own skin and radiate the pure joy of being.
Judgement – Challenge: An important, life-changing choice must be made. Blessing: You now have a chance to align fully with your calling.
The WorldChallenge: Don’t get stuck or limit yourself. Blessing: A new door is opening because you have completed a cycle of learning – Come on through!
The Black CatChallenge: To accept that there is more to life than meets the eye. Blessing: A mystical, unexpected and highly synchronicitous twist of fate brings either a gift or an opportunity for further growth and exploration.

Suit of Wands

Ace of WandsChallenge: Don’t let the music die within you. Blessing: Feeling passionately and ACTING on it = BLISS.
2 of WandsChallenge: Someone could be rubbing you the wrong way or trying to dominate you. Blessing: A strong, inspiring partnership with someone who is quite different to you.
3 of WandsChallenge: Being hard-headed about how to move forward could see you doing it all on your own. Blessing: Ample opportunities for networking.
4 of WandsChallenge: Feeling restless and confined. Blessing: A celebration with the people you love in a home-like setting.
5 of WandsChallenge: Tough competition. Blessing: Great sparring partners help you achieve more and you stop comparing yourself to others.
6 of WandsChallenge: Pride that goes before fall. Blessing: Achievements that deserve recognition and serve as a cause for celebration.
7 of Wands – Challenge: Feeling overwhelmed by the opposition. Blessing: You have what it takes to overcome.
8 of WandsChallenge: Avoid dissipating your energy through undue haste. Blessing: A focused, steady aim yields great results.
9 of WandsChallenge: Tough life lessons lead to trust issues and defensive behaviour. Blessing: Trust in self and sound boundaries help you resolve other trust issues.
10 of WandsChallenge: To avoid distracting oneself from seeing a project through to the end. Blessing: Completion of a creative project.
Page of WandsChallenge: To keep your vitality levels high, like a child. Blessing: Exuberance and enjoyment of life.
Knight of WandsChallenge: To stay faithful in the matters that count. Blessing: A spirit of adventure.
Queen of WandsChallenge: To not think of oneself as more important than others. Blessing: Full-on charisma.
King of WandsChallenge: Realising one’s limitations when it comes to detailed work. Blessing: Visionary and the ability to inspire others.

Suit of Cups

Ace of Cups – Challenge: To act from the heart. Blessing: New love.
2 of CupsChallenge: To rise above relationship challenges. Blessing: Being coupled. True love.
3 of CupsChallenge: Avoid triangulation/cheating in love. Blessing: Fun, great friendships and enjoyment of sensual pleasures.
4 of CupsChallenge: Overcome boredom. Blessing: Heightened intuition and a release of stuck emotions through tears.
5 of Cups Challenge: Avoid seeing your glass as half empty. Blessing: Allowing oneself to grieve fully and then move on.
6 of CupsChallenge: To avoid getting stuck in the past. Blessing: Soul mate relationships.
7 of CupsChallenge: Overcome confusion. Blessing: The process of gaining clarity grows the soul and helps one align with one’s life purpose.
8 of Cups – Challenge: Acting on the sense of restlessness rather than getting depressed. Blessing: The ability to move to higher ground thanks to divine discontent.
9 of CupsChallenge: To not overindulge. Blessing: Contentment and enjoyment of life’s many little blessings.
10 of Cups Challenge: Boundary issues. Blessing: A deep sense of communion and belonging.
Page of CupsChallenge: Avoid losing yourself completely in daydreams. Blessing: A rich imagination.
Knight of CupsChallenge: To not allow oneself to become so submerged in emotion that it becomes impossible to move forward. Blessing: Great artistic ability and the ability to sublimate difficult emotions in artistic pursuits.
Queen of CupsChallenge: To know that ‘No’ is a complete sentence and that there is no need to justify. Blessing: Superb empathic and intuitive abilities.
King of CupsChallenge: Avoid addiction. Blessing: Compassion and caring are gifts that yield rich rewards.

Suit of Swords

Ace of SwordsChallenge: To not grab the next shiny thought before you act on this one. Blessing: An absolutely brilliant idea!
2 of SwordsChallenge: To not get stuck indefinitely in the decision-making phase. Blessing: The ability to move forward once one has opened the eyes of the heart to align with one’s inner truth.
3 of SwordsChallenge: Avoid spiritual bypass. Blessing: Accepting our wounds makes us more beautiful from the inside.
4 of SwordsChallenge: To do nothing and just breathe. Blessing: Resting now can be enjoyable as well as healing, and will bring clarity and progress later.
5 of SwordsChallenge: To not involve oneself in drama. Blessing: The ability to just walk away.
6 of SwordsChallenge: Avoid snap judgments. Blessing: Carefully analysing the situation helps you move on with grace.
7 of SwordsChallenge: Speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Blessing: You have (the ability to come up with) a cunning plan.
8 of Swords – Challenge: Realising the looping thoughts in your head aren’t who you are. Blessing: Becoming the Observer and acting from a Higher Truth to cut through the crap.
9 of SwordsChallenge: Rising above fear and negativity. Blessing: Mastery of one’s own mind.
10 of SwordsChallenge: Not giving in to the thought that the game is over. Blessing: Allowing oneself to start over without dragging the past along.
Page of SwordsChallenge: Avoid asking the wrong questions. Blessing: Asking questions that lead to insight and the ability to move forward.
Knight of SwordsChallenge: Overcoming heavy-handed idealism and being overly argumentative. Blessing: Realising it is way more important to be kind than to be right.
Queen of SwordsChallenge: Minding that sharp tongue that can cut a man into half his size. Blessing: The ability to guide and nurture others with one’s words.
King of SwordsChallenge: To not leave empathy out completely when making tough decisions. Blessing: Great clarity and objectivity.

Suit of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles – Challenge: Overcoming materialism. Blessing: A gift. Appreciating the good things in life.
2 of Pentacles – Challenge: Taking on too much and stressing over it. Blessing: The ability to juggle multiple tasks.
3 of Pentacles – Challenge: To not think ‘I could do that better on my own.’ Blessing: Great teamwork where each member of the team supports and cheers the other members on to achieve their highest potential.
4 of Pentacles – Challenge: Avoid having one’s walls up out of fear that there isn’t enough to go around. Blessing: Establishing firm foundations and providing a sense of stability for self and others.
5 of Pentacles – Challenge: To reach out and ask for help. Blessing: Allowing someone else to receive the blessing of giving.
6 of Pentacles – Challenge: To be as generous as possible. Blessing: To give, because it is more blessed than to receive.
7 of Pentacles – Challenge: Be patient. Blessing: Seeing the sweet rewards of patience.
8 of Pentacles – Challenge: Detailed work and persistent practice. Blessing: Mastery of one’s chosen craft.
9 of Pentacles – Challenge: Avoid selfishness. Blessing: Being self-sufficient and having more than enough so that one can make life more beautiful for others.
10 of Pentacles – Challenge: To have the best interests of future generations at heart and not just think short-term. Blessing: Leaving a wonderful legacy behind.
Page of Pentacles – Challenge: To not be over-ambitious or overly self-critical. Blessing: Excellent learning ability.
Knight of Pentacles – Challenge: To avoid dulling of the senses. Blessing: The ability to persevere longer than anybody else.
Queen of Pentacles – Challenge: Avoid smothering. Blessing: Superb practical skills and nurturing ability.
King of Pentacles – Challenge: Don’t get too pernickety! Blessing: Being a good provider and steward of resources.

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  1. Dear Lisa,

    Thank you so much for posting this! This is an invaluable list, because I don’t read reversals, so I always try to integrate all aspects into a reading; I consider each card to be an energetic doorway that we have to integrate fully – and the blessings and challenges always seem to be simultaneously present.
    I love the way you have presented it, because it overcomes the highly dualistic “good” vs “bad” notion of reading the cards, and helps us to better understand what “applying the full range of meaning” actually means! When I draw a card for the day, I always try to look at how it is both a trap and an opportunity for growth (even with the so called very positive or very negative cards). Anyway, this list of yours is fabulous and I shall be making use of it regularly, so thank you so so so so much for taking the time to publish this! Incidentally, I just read your post on why you don’t read reversals and it really helped me immensely, because I see a lot of smugness in the tarot community from those who say “well, I just love using reversals because it shows me where blocked energy is, etc…” – to be honest, if I want to know where energy is blocked, I’ll just ask the question. Again, this list of yours would help to interpret the answer very easily!

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