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TdM Knight of Pentacles Tarot Love Haiku

Have no haste – A Tarot Love Haiku

Have no haste in love
Slow and steady is the way
To make romance last

The Knight of Coins (or Disks/Pentacles) is Air (Knights) of Earth (Coins). He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but perseverance, which requires its own unique intelligence, is most definitely his forte. He also knows the importance of actions and gifts in love. He would have no argument with the statement “Actions speak louder than words.” In fact, he expects his lover to demonstrate their love in tangible ways or he quickly loses interest.

Another Knight of Coins haiku which might be a good fit:

Love is not, as some
may surmise, something abstract –
Hands on only, please!

Today’s Tarot draw is from the Universal Tarot of Marseille. The Angelic Tarot correspondence is Archangel Anael (Taurus). The Knight of Cups may be the most romantic of the Knights but the Knight of Coins is definitely the most sensual!

To harness some of his more desirable qualities, you can work with the crystal rose quartz. He is a good role model for any of you who are single and dating because he never gives up on True Love. He knows that it takes time to find the right one and to establish a firm foundation for the relationship.

A red flag if this Knight shows up as a potential lover is that he is likely to be very stubborn. Make sure you can handle that before you take him (or her) on!

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