The ‘Happy in My Own Skin’ Tarot Spread

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I’m 42 and totally in love with my body. Let me tell you, it has been quite a journey to get to this stage! Growing up I spent three years in the Swedish Royal Opera Ballet School, where I learned to loathe a body that wasn’t super skinny, strong and flexible. Daily posing in front of huge mirrors, constantly checking for things to correct taught me that there was always something not quite right with my body.

And this is why I chose to not put my own children through ballet training. It might teach you good posture and make you more flexible… but at what cost? My feet are ruined for life too.

I went through phases with more or less serious eating disorders and a couple of my friends developed severe anorexia. None of us were truly happy, constantly striving toward some unreachable goal of bodily perfection, always told to push ourselves harder.

At 5 ft 6, I always imagined that I should be no bigger than a UK size 8, even long after giving up on my dance dreams. I mostly managed a size 10 but was one size away from my ideal most of my adult life, constantly feeling as if I could only lose those last 5 stubborn pounds, I would be happy or at least somehow… worthy.

Until… Until I decided I was fine just the way I was. In fact, I was better than fine. And I didn’t need somebody else to tell me.

“Twenty-four per cent of women say they would give up more than three years of life to be thinner.”

Poll conducted by Psychology Today


The ‘Happy in My Own Skin’ Tarot Spread

Long intro to a small spread. But I hope and pray that it will help you to finally be happy with your own body if you struggle with this. We each have an ideal body shape and it may not be what we think it is! Allow this reading to inform you about what is best for you and how to be truly happy with your naturally gorgeous self.

The Happy in My Own Skin Tarot Spread
1. The Writing on the Wall – Your most commonly recurring thoughts about your own body
2. The Source of the Writing on the Wall – How these thoughts first developed
3. Body-Spirit connection – What thought your Higher Self expresses about the vehicle you chose in this incarnation
4. A Positive Affirmation – Take this card and turn the meaning into a positive affirmation that you can use if you ever feel overwhelmed by the writing on the wall
5. One Small Change – One thing you can start doing now to begin enjoying your physical body more

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