How to Resolve Anger Issues with the Tarot


Have you ever been really pissed off without knowing why? Something triggered explosive anger and before you know it, you find yourself shouting at someone you love or stomping off in a fit of rage. The problem with anger, though just as valuable an emotion as any other, is that it can cause so much hurt and damage.

It is easy (and tempting!) to dismiss anger as being provoked by an outside source but deep down it always comes down to a choice on how you react to certain stimuli. That choice is made by you – even when it happens so fast that you don’t realise what just hit. And no matter where you project your anger, the person you really do damage to is you. This is because the body instantly goes into flight mode:

Physiological effects of anger

* Speeds up heart rate
* Constricts blood vessels
* Damages the walls of the arteries

Other than counting to ten and hope for the rage to subside, is there anything we can do about this explosive emotion? Yes, there is, but not in the heat of the moment. If at all possible, the best thing to do then is absolutely nothing. Detach as quickly as possible and observe. Then you can reach for a divination tool such as the Tarot to dive a bit deeper for understanding, ownership and control over your emotions.

The great thing about the Tarot is that you can totally use the cards without a book or years of study. The reason for this is that the images in a traditional Rider Waite Tarot deck are archetypal. You simply take a few deep breaths to ground and centre before you begin. Next, you randomly choose one card, images face down and turn it over. (If you feel overwhelmed by the number of cards, you may want to separate out the 22 Major Arcana cards and work only with them.)

Sit with the image for a while and notice how the symbols in it relate to what just happened. Allow association to begin flowing and write whatever comes in your journal. Just one card is usually enough to answer the ‘Why?’ but you may feel like pulling another to dig even deeper or to learn which action step you should take next to repair any damage.

3 reasons using the Tarot for self-reflection speeds up personal and spiritual development:

* You take ownership of your emotions instead of projecting and blaming
* You allow subconscious thoughts and feelings to rise to the surface for healing
* You trust Universal Intelligence to guide you back to harmony and oneness

The latter reason in particular, I have found extremely beneficial. Because the truth is, we are all infinitely loved and looked after by Source but it is so easy to forget this. The Tarot reminds us that for every problem there is a solution and for every challenge there is grace.

You can use this method of intuitive Tarot card reading for any emotion or issue that arises. It can also be done for daily journalling when you have no known issues or questions. In that case, you simply ask what message the Universal Intelligence has for you today and allow your intuitive Self to speak.

The more you work with the Tarot in a holistic manner, the more self-aware you become and the more self-aware you are, the more you can begin to co-create your destiny.


Lisa Frideborg

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