Secrecy vs Openness in the Tarot Cards

couple with secrets

One of the main things we wish to discern when doing a Tarot reading about a potential romantic partner is how open and honest they are in their communication. Anyone who has done the online dating thing knows what I’m on about here – dating sites are shark-infested waters and not all people are upfront about their intentions or even who they are. None of us like to waste our time on some asshole who is just looking for a leg over (while his wife is keeping the marital bed warm) while claiming to be looking for committed love.

Admittedly, this is something that can be very tricky to read on for yourself. I know because I tried and failed miserably. Wishful thinking very easily gets in the way – especially when he buys you big bouquets of roses and expensive gifts… However, if you bear the following pointers in mind, you should be able to get an overview of where on the honesty spectrum someone falls. Don’t you love it when someone else has to learn the hard way for you?!

As you might suspect, lunar influences reveal a more secretive character and and solar influences someone who has nothing to hide. In the case of martian influences, the pendulum could swing both ways, with Mars being the classical ruler of both secretive Scorpio and brutally honest Aries.

But let me illustrate with some Tarot cards to give you a better idea:

the sun connelly tarotThe Sun – Keywords: clarity, revelations, frankness, courage, success, radiance, pride, boasting, arrogance, domineering

As you can tell, this covers the whole light to dark spectrum in terms of meanings – as do all cards – but the one thing you can count on is that what has been hidden will be brought to light. The Sun rules the Fire sign Leo and while I cannot make any claims that all Leos are open and honest, they are most definitely not known for their secrecy. They are not usually into game playing and prefer to stand smack in the middle of the action where everybody can see and admire them.

02The High Priestess – Keywords: wisdom, mystery, secrecy, emotional manipulation, dream messages, psychic power, astral travel

It can be confusing that the High Priestess is the card that corresponds with the Moon rather than the actual Moon card (Pisces) but you soon get used to it. If you look closely, you will notice that most Tarot decks depict the High Priestess with the Moon resting at her feet. Secrets and mystery are not always a bad thing. The High Priestess reveals what we are ready to receive, when we are ready to make sense of it… The Moon rules the Zodiac sign Cancer, known to be convoluted mystery keepers.

the moon The Moon – Keywords: subconscious, hidden, delusion, illusion, compassion, empathy, imagination, fear, anxiety, nightmares, institutions, addiction, deep instincts

The correspondence with the Zodiac sign of Pisces and the 12th House, where we find all that is hidden in life, does mean that this can also be a card of secrecy but more often than not, it is a card of fear-based or addiction-induced self-delusion. These are the truths we hide from ourselves in the shadows of our Psyche rater than intentional lies.

567 of Swords – Keywords: deceipt, thievery, trickery, planning, cunning, opportunism

Moon in Aquarius. This is the one card that almost invariably indicates some form of deceipt. It is a big reg flag in relationship readings and often indicates cheating. If you are doing a reading on a prosepective first date and this card shows up, please feel free to apply the Thoth Tarot title about seeing this person: ‘Futility.’ What they are after is not what you wish for and they do have an agenda. In other types of readings, more positive meanings sometimes apply (depending on surrounding cards) but in love, this is one of the ‘I’d stay the hell away if I were you’ messages from the Tarot.

254 of Wands – Kewords: celebration, stability, rejoicing, successful completion, liberation, release, lack of freedom, resources exhausted

Venus in Aries. This card, on the other hand, is almost always assurance that the other person is seeking the same thing as you and that they are willing to communicate frankly. However, if it shows up in combination with the High Priestess, it could put further emphasis on secrecy and most likely concerns a secret relating to the home sphere.

When sunny and shady cards show up together, you need to rely on your intuitive guidance whether this concerns a secret that will be revealed or a truth that is hidden. Surrounding cards give the full picture and tell the story.

Which other cards/combinations would you have as denoting secrets or openness? I look forward to a lively discussion on this. Feel free to share examples from your own readings!

Brightest Blessings,

~ Lisa Frideborg