the alpha power tarot spread

The Neurodivergent Alpha Power Tarot Spread

the alpha power tarot spread

If you know that you are different and that you have certain powers or abilities that are not considered normal, chances are you are the next step in human evolution. This concept was explored in a TV series called Alphas a few years ago and while it is fiction, there is also a lot of truth to it. In today’s post, I share some of the traits that mark you as an ‘Alpha’ as well as the Alpha Power Tarot Spread. Please note that I’m not using the word ‘alpha’ here in the traditional sense of leadership and assertiveness but rather as a monicker for certain gifts that seem magical or mystical to neurotypical people.

ETA Feb 2024: I created this tarot spread more than 10 years ago, in 2014 on my site. It’s worth dusting off, especially since my prediction about the occurrence of neurodivergent people increasing is coming true.

Neurodiversity is a concept that first surfaced in connection with autistic spectrum ‘disorders’ when the autistic community started to fight back against pathological labelling. It is now being used for other ‘disorders.’ However, another way of looking at ASD is that many of these so-called disorders are just part of the next step of human evolution. As human DNA starts changing, evolving and adapting, the occurrences of atypical neurological patterns will most likely increase.

10 Signs that You are An Alpha


The Alpha Power Tarot Spread

I have created a Tarot Spread to help you own, celebrate and hone your ability, as well as to use it to align you more deeply with your Life Purpose.

Your Alpha Power a Tarot Spread for Neurodivergents

1. Your Alpha Power. What you need to know about it right now (if you have more than one, choose one to focus on for each reading you do)
2. Challenge. Your current most pressing challenge about this power. If a court card shows up here, it could indicate that someone around you is attempting to block or belittle you.
3. Spirit Guidance. The advice your spirit guides have for you about your current challenge.
4. Shadow Aspect. This is your lifelong challenge that comes with your special power. It represents how you project your hopes and fears onto others. This card is a mirror for the deepest, darkest corner of your soul.
5. Life Mission. This card shows you how your Alpha Power ties in with your Life Purpose.
6. Action Advice. This is the best course of action for now. Read this card together with the Spirit Guidance card.

Alpha Power Sample Reading with the Universal Celtic Tarot

the alpha power tarot spread sample reading with the universal celtic tarot

1. Your Alpha Power: 9 of Swords

The Nine of Swords indicates a power derived from overcoming mental challenges and anxiety. Your ability may be linked to your deep understanding of the human psyche, with an emphasis on the concerns and fears that keep people awake at night. Perhaps your gift lies in navigating through the darkness to find solutions to complex emotional problems.

2. Challenge: 8 of Pentacles

The workmanship of the Eight of Pentacles suggests that perfectionism or an excessive focus on improving your skills might be your current obstacle. Your power is being hindered by an almost relentless drive to refine your abilities or the pursuit of practical achievements. The challenge is finding the balance between honing your skills and not becoming consumed by them.

3. Spirit Guidance: 8 of Swords

Your spirit guides send the message of the Eight of Swords to remind you that self-imposed limitations or a mindset of entrapment could be holding you back. They advise you to open your eyes to the reality that these bindings are often an illusion. There is a way out, but it requires acknowledging that you hold the key to your own freedom.

4. Shadow Aspect: 10 of Wands

The Ten of Wands signifies that your lifelong challenge involves dealing with burdens and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Your shadow may manifest as taking on too many responsibilities, possibly out of a desire to use your power for good, but at the expense of your own well-being. It warns of the cost of pushing yourself too far.

5. Life Mission: 10 of Cups

The satisfaction and joy seen in the Ten of Cups point to a life mission that brings emotional fulfilment and harmony to yourself and others. Your Alpha Power leads to a place of contentment and peace, possibly through creating strong community bonds or healing emotional rifts in your social environment.

6. Action Advice: Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is an embodiment of confidence, creativity, and leadership. As your action advice, she urges you to stop holding yourself back. Step into your power with confidence, express your creativity and lead others with passion and warmth. This queen encourages you to be fearless and to use your natural charisma to manifest your goals and support your spirit’s mission.

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    Just did this and got all Majors..shuffled well…used the Archangel Power Tarot which has been recently cleansed and sitting on my alter with a large amethyst on top. No surprise to see Emperor as my Alpha Power LOL! 2. The Sun, 3. Perspective (Hanged Man), 4. High Priestess, 5. Decision(Devil) 6. New Beginnings (Judgement).
    Thanks for the article and spread, now I need to seriously reflect on this one!

    1. Post
  2. Thank you, Lisa, I certainly will :D. I'm so happy & excited that I found you & your blog ~ you've inspired me to further my gifts <3. Your new friend in VA 🙂

  3. Hi Jennifer, lovely to 'meet' you! Yes, I can recommend the Archangel Power Tarot but if you are new to the Tarot I also recommend getting a traditional Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck for learning purposes. All the best! <3

  4. Wow that makes total sense and is a big issue for me because I've always been sensitive but have had to adapt to shutting it off. And this gives greater meaning to the ten of swords because that's about the perils of only thinking with your brain. Plus, the ten of swords and Lovers have been stalker cards of late. So this definitely gives me even more incentive to think with the heart. Thank you, Lisa!

  5. I'm currently struggling to maintain a balance at home (with three children: a Water, an Earth, and a Fire) . . . I'm struggling against domesticity because I don't want my whole life to be wrapped up in them and have nothing for myself. But I think I'm close to throwing in the towel anyway.

  6. So I tried this out. I got four majors (doesn't that mean that this is part of my soul contract?): 1) Chariot 2) Lovers 3) Strength 4) Two of Coins 5) Wheel 6) Ten of Swords. If I'm reading this correctly: I'm more powerful than I give myself credit. I have the tendency to freeze in confusion and need to take action. The Lovers is confusing to me though.

  7. Children and Parents seem to be a big theme at a glance! Interesting that the Shadow card (6 of Swords) is about gaining clarity. The Spirit Guidance (Knave of Pentacles) is about grounding the energy of the other two Knaves. Knaves are students, children and messengers. This reading will be very difficult for you to decipher unless you have a firm personal connection with the Court Cards.

  8. Whoa. I just did this and had the craziest reading: 1. Knave of Wands 2. Knave of Cups 3. Knave of Pentacles (!) 4. 6 of Swords 5. Empress 6. Emperor (!) . . . boggled . . .

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