A Tarot Spread for Mediumship

tarot spread for mediumship

Did you know you can use the Tarot to communicate with departed loved ones, spirit guides and your very own guardian angel? The ‘Hello from Heaven’ Tarot Spread for Mediumship can act as training wheels if you want to learn to connect with loved ones in Spirit.

This Tarot spread for mediumship is to be used for someone you were close to and who passed away quite recently (recently enough for it to still play on your mind!). It can be used with either Tarot or Oracle cards. If you do use Oracle cards, make sure they are not just sweet and light Angel cards but have a few more variations and moods included.

You can also mix and match. I like to use an Oracle card for the 9th card and Tarot cards for all the rest, for instance.

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Preparing to Use the Tarot Spread for Mediumship

Before doing any kind of mediumship, it is very important that you ground, centre and protect yourself. If you normally cast a circle for magickal workings, I would use the same method of protection before this reading. If you prefer to work with angels, invoke Archangel Michael. Runesters may want to draw the Algiz rune in the four cardinal directions.

Light a candle, inviting only the spirit of your loved one by saying their name out loud three times. Ask them to be with you in Love & Light. Visualise them sitting opposite you and begin the reading when you feel their presence/love surrounding you.

As always, the best form of psychic protection is love and purity of intent. If you are at all filled with fear about what you may learn, please put the reading off until a later date.

Positional Meanings for the Hello from Heaven Tarot Spread for Mediumship

1. The Main Theme

In this incarnation, you will have come together for a reason and this theme may have been difficult to discern… You may not have been able to see the forest for all the trees. Now, with the benefit of hindsight and your loved one seeing what lies beyond the veil, you may be able to gain greater clarity of what main theme/lesson played out during your time together.

2. The Main Challenge

This card is read together with the Theme card and gives you an indication of what your greatest challenge was. In the tension between this and the first card lies the one thing you need to resolve in order to release any karmic ties.

3. How You Connected

Whether you were biological family, friends, colleagues or lovers, this card will show you the nature of your connection on the heart level while the other person was alive.

4. The Karma You Collected

This highlights any possible remaining karma. If there is none left, this should also shine through. The Aces, The Fool, The Magician, The Sun and The Star are cards I would see as signs that there are no karmic ties. The 2 of Cups and The Lovers also show that there is nothing but love left.

5. How You Did

It is very important that you read this position without being too harsh on yourself. You did the best you could with the knowledge you had at the time. Release and forgive yourself if you need to.

6. How The Deceased Sees You Now

This card tells you how they feel about you now and/or what they perceive to be your main challenge. Don’t take this as any judgement on yourself but try to look at the most helpful insight to be gained from this card for your own soul’s growth.

7. How They Did

Again, it is very important to look at this card without judgement, realising that they too did the best they could with the knowledge they had. If a harsh card shows up here, offer up a prayer that they may now be at peace.

8. What Is Left To Transform

This is something (a pattern, a thought, a situation) that is dying or needs to die along with the death of your loved one.

9. What Gift You Get To Keep

Here you will find the thing/thought/situation that will come into being or remain thanks to you having been connected with this person. Give thanks, whatever it is! If you cannot see how this gift will benefit you right now, trust and be grateful anyway.

Hope you gain some valuable insights and that doing this reading strengthens the bond of love and your loved one!

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  1. Lisa thank you so much for the opportunity to work with the Hello from Heaven Tarot Spread for Mediumship. I am very impressed.

    1. Post
  2. “If you do use oracle cards, make sure they are not just sweet and light Angel cards but have a few more variations and moods included.”
    Do you have a brand of oracle cards to suggest? I only have the angel answers card.

    1. Post

      It’s really difficult to recommend a set of cards without knowing someone and their interests. I suggest browsing video reviews of various decks on YouTube as well as checking out all the many decks featured on http://www.aeclectic.net to see if you can find that tickles your fancy. All the best!

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