Weekly Forecast for HSP’s

30 November Weekly Forecast for HSP's

Hi lovely empaths and intuitives,

This weekend I did something I haven’t done since 1999 – I went to a comedy club. It was wonderfully clever comedy and it made me promise myself to get out to more events. The company was great too. We went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday and after the comedy club we all gathered in a local pub.

The balance between me-time and socialising has been pretty perfect in the last few days, so I feel wonderfully recharged and ready to share what the Angels want us to know about the week ahead…

The Layout

  1. Overall theme of the week
  2. Work/Life Purpose
  3. Health/Vitality Levels
  4. Relationships
  5. Further info about work
  6. Further info about health
  7. Further info about relationships

The Forecast

1. Overall theme. Here we find Rebirth from the Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards. Seeing this card here is giving me goose bumps. It’s numbered 13 and has the same theme as the Tarot Death card. It is a very clear sign for me personally and I’m glad to see that I’m not the only touched by these energies for the week ahead.

This card has a different feel to the traditional Tarot card though. There is no grim reaper and the focus is on the rebirth aspect of life. The fractal card image has a womb-like feel… We are being prepared and so we may need to give ourselves as much room as possible to grow until we are ready to emerge like the butterfly from the chrysalis.

That said, this is not a time to get too cosy or to feel entirely comfortable, as we are about to leave our comfort zone permanently. Rebirth requires a complete surrender and a cutting of the reaper’s scythe with the old. Do not fear releasing the old and embracing the unknown. Make Death your ally this week so that you may be reborn without regret and without hesitation.

2 + 5. Work & Life Purpose. Yoga from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards and The Hermit from Thelema Tarot give us a theme of a need for Body work in order give birth to new ideas professionally. This is because they lack grounding in reality at this stage and doing body work like yoga is the quickest way to help inspiration filter through all the layers of your being. 

Because of the presence of The Hermit, the message about needing more time than usual holds true for this week as indicated by the Rebirth card… but I’m also shown that this card speaks to those of us who are called to teach in particular. So if that is you, make extra sure that you don’t allow your ideas to just run around in your mind. Put them out there once you, after doing yoga or some other form of body work, feel grounded enough to do so.

You may also wish to experiment with new ways of expressing ideas using your physical body. Where in the body does this idea/thought belong? Which chakra is it connected with?

The Archangel associated with The Hermit is Archangel Raphael, ruler of Mercury/Virgo. Call on on him for guidance on how to connect fully with the life purpose that is encoded in your very DNA and how to make your body an instrument of divine music that is in tune with the angelic choirs.

3 + 6. Health & Vitality Levels. Detoxifcation from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards together with 6 of Swords from the Thelema Tarot shows us that it is time to move on from destructive patterns once and for all.

What is your diet like? Are you taking enough exercise? What can you do this week to truly show your body that you are committed to becoming its best friend?

The Archangels corresponding with the 6 of Swords are Raphael (Mercury) and Cassiel/Uriel (Aquarius). Call I feel that this reinforce the message about the need to increase your vitality levels through body work as indicated in the life purpose reading for this week. Stay in touch with Raphael every day this week. He is your best bet for moving forward with grace and for help with ridding yourself of toxicity.

Archangel Uriel can help you with insights and new ideas about things you can do to raise your energy levels and Archangel Cassiel can help with discipline to implement those ideas.

 4 + 7. Relationships. Give Your Relationship a Chance from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards together with The Devil gives me two different scenarios for the week ahead and if you’re not sure which one applies to you, turn to Archangel Michael for guidance about the truth of the matter.

I see some of you wanting to give up on a relationship that you should be fighting for. Your expectations keep tripping you up and you can’t see that you are the one who needs to change for things to work. You keep projecting your negativity onto your partner and keep expecting him/her to change. Time for some serious shadow work!

On the other hand, some of you are working so very hard on making it work when really what is needed now is to let go. You are in a co-dependent relationship and there is nothing you can do to fix this. Your partner is not going to change. The relation ship you need to work on is the relationship with yourself.

The Devil corresponds with Capricorn and Archangel Cassiel. Ask him to reveal any chains that bind you. Spend a few minutes in quite contemplation of the state of your heart. As soon as you detect any ‘dark energy’ blocking the flow of love, whether your own expectations/projections or sticky co-dependent energy, simply ask Archangel Michael to help you cut this energy out so that you are free to love/move on. Then ask Archangel Raphael to help with healing your heart.

Carry green aventurine, yellow calcite, citrine or peridot with you this week. It will help you to remember your connection with Archangel Raphael and to stay calm/positive in a time of massive changes.

Please let me know how this resonates in the comments below and don’t forget to share this forecast with all your HSP friends!

Blessed Be!


PS. Don’t fear the reaper!

*Someone told me the picture I used to illustrate The Tarot Death Notes was too scary. To me that is just a sign that this person needs to confront their fear of death. I’m very proud of the collage image I created because it captured the essence of my dream perfectly.