Why I Won’t Use the Cards to Help You Cheat

cheating and tarot - cracked wedding ring

The Tarot is a set of 78 Keys for unlocking any blocks to perfect alignment with your Higher Self. In relationship readings, the goal of the reading is to find the simplest solution (hint: the ego loves to complicate things) – this is the true essence of divination and in a nutshell how it differs from fortune-telling which is not concerned with spiritual laws, only with personal gain.

Divination helps you align with the truth of your Higher Self and to live with integrity and this is how I choose to use the Tarot.

This is why the question you ask of the Tarot is paramount because not all questions can help you align with your Higher Self. Asking, ‘How can I make sure my lover stays faithful to me while my husband keeps supporting me financially?‘ (and many variations of this question) is quite possibly the perfect example of a question that simply cannot align you with the truth of your soul. It is also, sadly, a question I get asked quite often and the main reason why I have chosen to screen questions from prospective clients before I agree reading on them.

There seems to be no other area of wrongdoing so filled with a sense of entitlement as adultery. The excuses are rife and so common that they have become acceptable to most. Like any lie, people buy the ‘It’s complicated/messy’ excuse because it has been repeated often enough and is encouraged by media, drowning out the voice of the Heart which urges us to treat others the way we would want to be treated.

When prospective married clients find out I won’t read on questions about their lover or married lover, they offer one of the following excuses (I’ve heard them all!):

But you don’t understand, ‘I’m not happily married (or neither of us are happily married)’; ‘We have to stay together because of the children/finances/my husband’s poorly mother…’; ‘But my husband is not my soul mate and I know this other man is’; ‘He is only with his wife because of her mental health problems/money etc…’

What it boils down to in the end is having the balls to live with integrity and honesty. I have nothing against multiple partners if that is the agreement you have with your primary partner and I actually believe that polyamory is going to be the way forward for many as we evolve toward 5th dimensional relationships. My objection to adultery/cheating is that it necessitates lying and going behind the back of someone. You don’t want the other person to do it to you, so why do it to him?

The other big problem I see with breaking of vows is watering down of personal power. You are really only as powerful as your word. If you make a vow and break it, it will have energetic consequences which will leave you disempowered. Someone who is true to their word can use the power of words to manifest pretty much anything, whereas someone who lies, cheats and breaks sacred vows has to use deceit, lies and manipulation to get their way – It quickly becomes a downward spiral… and this is how things get ‘complicated.’

The lies also make it impossible for the cheating person to ever fully trust another again. Not to mention the fact that it always ends in tears – eventually, the innocent person will find out anyway and they will be absolutely heartbroken!

My job as a reader is to use the cards for spiritual guidance.  If I use the cards to help you live a lie, it will have karmic consequences for me which quite possibly are more far-reaching than they are for you because my words have to be healing for me to stay on my path as a reader with a calling from the Powers That Be.

In all my years as a reader when I have asked the prospective client, ‘How would want your husband to deal with a similar situation if he found himself in your shoes?,’ I have never heard back from them with an answer (quite possible because it’s too bleedin’ obvious!) but I have had many clients come back to me and thank me for being frank with them.

No, I don’t judge you as a person, but I won’t help you by using the cards to bind you more firmly with your own lies. Trust me, I am helping you by turning your reading request down! You are, of course, free to request a reading from someone with less scruples but my hands are clean… and mind that karma!

I suggest the following instead:

Go and find a way of healing your marriage or break things off as honourably as possible and I will happily read for you. Or, if your lover is married, break things off and pray for him to find healing. Forgive yourself and move on. There is path of truth and honour and it is yours to choose. No it’s not easy but it is simple and the ego would have you believe otherwise, tapping your sense of entitlement at every turn.

You will easily find a reader who will help you with readings on lovers if you or your lover are married. For many of them, throwing the cards down is all about the money – they’ll take it and laugh all the way to the bank. Personally, I’d rather get by on less and be able to look myself in the mirror.

Blessed Be!