Sirian Starseed card backs August 2017 Tarotscopes

August Tarotscopes

Sirian Starseed card backs August 2017 Tarotscopes

It’s been a while since I’ve done any monthly Tarotscopes but the guidance to do them for August is strong and clear, so I’m rolling with it. This is, as you may already be aware, not an ordinary month we are talking about. Many of us will be receiving massive downloads, align and harmonise with the Divine Feminine and have huge awakenings and spiritual breakthroughs. We are in the middle of eclipse season, we have Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius coming up on the 7th and Mercury is going retrograde on the 12th-13th, depending on where in the world you are. Mercury stays retrograde until 5 September.

My guidance is to pull one card for the central theme for each Zodiac sign in the month ahead + one card each for now to best navigate the Full Moon and Mercury Rx energies. As for the second New Moon in Leo this year (sic!) + solar eclipse (21 August), I will be giving away free readings on the day – You may wish to subscribe if you haven’t already to make sure you don’t miss out.

I’m working with the Sirian Starseed Tarot for the August forecast. I recommend that you check your Moon and Rising signs as well as your Sun sign!

August Tarotscope Aries

Aries – The main focus for you this month lies in perfecting your skills and honing your talents. Attending a workshop or signing up for a course might be a good idea. The devil is quite literally in the detail so observe things carefully before you commit or make any drastic changes. For the Full Moon and solar eclipse, the focus is on soul alchemy. This is a powerful time for you in terms of balancing divine masculine and feminine energy in awareness. You are able to align fully with your soul’s calling at this time and renew your sense of passion about your life purpose, as well as gain clarity about the next step you need to take. During Mercury Retrograde, when people are usually recommended to not start something new, an opportunity related to your career will come your way. You may have to look more closely to recognise it for what it is so stay alert!

Taurus – The main theme for you this month is about your creative expression and how this relates to your career and/or life purpose. An important decision will need to be made. You are being called to step out on faith even though you may not be able to discern or even guess what the end result will look like. At the time of the Full Moon and solar eclipse, things should become clearer. This is a good time to network and gain support for your venture. There will be lots of signs and synchronicities for you at the time of the Full Moon and they will be hard to miss… the crux lies in actually ACTING on them. Step out of your own way and surrender to the guidance. During Mercury retrograde, your work sphere is highlighted – especially with regards to your responsibilities. You may be asked to take on more of them so consider carefully if this is a good match for the new venture or creative project that you want to get off the ground.

Gemini – Your mind is in overdrive for much of this month so August is all about taming that wild monkey of the ego-mind through meditation so that you can benefit from the downloads that are going on in the background throughout eclipse season. Otherwise you may well miss important guidance that will surface from these downloads. If you are thinking about starting a writing project of any kind, now is a good time. The trick is to set yourself achievable goals. At the time of the Full Moon and solar eclipse you need to make extra sure to ground your energy. This is a very electric celestial event for you. Spend time among trees and carry a chunk of black tourmaline to help with this. During Mercury Rx, you will have a chance to unburden yourself of negative thought patterns that have been holding you back in the past. This is a great time for a total mind detox in terms of judgement which comes from the ego. Your finely tuned ability to discern what serves you, on the other hand, is divine and something you will be able to cultivate further toward the second half of August.

Cancer – The month of August is a wonderful time to broaden your horizon creatively and to also make this work for you financially provided you ground your ideas into reality and connect with people who can help you manifest your ideas. Keep your vibration high and focus on the feeling of joy you get from visualising the desired outcome. Watch closely for signs and synchronicities as well as for guidance coming through in dreamtime. Act as if it has already come to pass and work actively with your team of angels and spirit guides. Watch for a new idea that will strike light lightning around the time of the Full Moon. Bounce it off some people you trust, call in your team of spirit helpers and then start acting on it in baby steps. The Mercury Rx period will be a great time for doing the necessary research and footwork to bring this idea to the next level.

Leo – Wow, while still in the month of your lovely Sun sign, prepare to have your mind blown! You are part of the big cosmic shift happening now in a big way and it is all about consciousness evolution. If you are not already a regular meditator, now is definitely the time to start. I’m also picking up on the importance of breath for you so try to get in at least one round of pranayama daily to keep your energy channels calm and clear. At the time of the Full Moon, you are likely to change directions with regards to beliefs in quite a radical way that will leave people scratching their heads and wonder what the heck happened to you. Luckily, this will weed out some of the people from your life that have been holding you back. During the Mercury retrograde period, you will find out for sure who your true friends are. It’s all good – by the end of the month, you’ll find yourself in a better place both externally and internally.

Virgo – August is a month when things will speed up for you. You tend to notice details anyway… so try not to go into a state of overwhelm of all the many, small synchronicities all around you this month. Keep your mind calm with the help of a regular meditation practice and try to slow down in general, cutting out the bits of your daily routine that aren’t really necessary so that you can stay focused and serene. If you don’t, you could end up dropping a ball or two – it wouldn’t be the end of the world but we know you prefer to get it right, so stay top of any anxiety by reducing your speed.  At the time of the Full Moon and solar eclipse, you will have gain a sense of natural peace and clarity. Any downloads you receive at this time will run smoothly. In fact, they will be so efficiently received that you will find that you simply must seek out some profound life changes during the Mercury Rx period – It’s all for the best so flow with it!

Libra – The month of August will bring its fair amount of challenges for you but forewarned is forearmed. The main thing you need to be mindful of is to have a regular self-care routine that you need to be quite disciplined about. Sticking to this routine will give you the strength needed to face the challenges presented this month head on. Especially make sure to get enough sleep but also watch what you eat so that your body doesn’t have work too hard on eliminating toxins. Spending time in nature daily will also serve you well both physically and mentally. The Full Moon and solar eclipse may highlight some emotional wounds. Please be patient with yourself and understand that this is happening now because it is the optimal timing for a complete purge of old stories you have been telling yourself. This purge will continue through the Mercury Rx period and will enable you to free yourself completely, provided you own your projections and learn from them so that you can start making better choices that align you fully with your soul’s calling – regardless of expectations of other people.

Scorpio – The month of August brings new beginnings for you. It’s as if when everyone else is just starting their process of transformation and shedding the stuff that no longer serves them, you’ve had a jump-start on this and can now begin the work of bringing hope and light to the world. Some of you will quite literally be looking for new work and in many instances this will be a better fit for your soul’s calling. The Full Moon and solar eclipse is the perfect time to connect with your Spirit Guide and plan ahead for how to best progress. You are likely to receive downloads that you are able to take down in automatic writing while they are going on. The only thing that may trip you up is jealousy likely to hit during the Mercury Rx period. Don’t worry about how what you do will be received and do not compare your work to what others are doing, nor worry about how genuine they are (or not, as the case may be). This will only serve to burden you and dim your light. Instead, hold that Hermit’s lantern high and SHINE, baby SHINE!

Sagittarius – This is an extremely powerful month for personal development for you. The main theme for August is self-expression and moving ahead in the direction of your desire full steam. Your confidence and courage levels will soar and you can make great progress over the next couple of weeks. The time of the Full Moon is highly auspicious for manifesting a wish or even a miracle, though miracles can never be consciously manifested. If you do need a miracle this month, simply surrender more deeply to love and allow God to provide you with what you need. With so much light and progress flowing through your life, a Shadow backlash is to be expected and it is showing up in the Mercury retrograde period in the form of serious self-doubt or even perceived failure. There is no need to wallow if you choose to view this as a valuable learning experience instead. FAIL = first attempt in learning. You’re not Icarus. It’s safe for you to soar and Heaven still has your back. View the retrograde as a sorting period where you can easily identify the thought patterns that lead to your ‘failure.’

Capricorn – Mastery of emotions is the central theme for you in August. Lessons may come in the form of other people. You will also most likely notice that people start coming to you for help with emotional issues that are more complex that you have handled before but you are able to navigate them with clarity and help guide them safely from darkness to light. At the time of the Aquarius Full Moon and solar eclipse in Leo, you are in a position to download a lot of that Leo courage and put it to good use. You will need it because the Mercury retrograde period is bringing deep transformation… and you’ve had a lot this year already. Don’t worry. You lived through that and you’ll live through this too. Just remember it is all for the best and will allow your Higher Self to be even more in charge when you come out on the other side. Focus on compassion and being the compassion you seek from others.

Aquarius – The month of August brings a fair share of fun and games for you. Friendships and groups of kindred spirits will mean the world to you. Seek them out. You have valuable contributions to make! Focus on doing more of the things that light you up in general because that is how you will bring in abundance not just for yourself but also for others. Speaking of abundance, the time of the Full Moon in your own sign and solar eclipse in Leo will be extremely powerful for you. You can recharge your creative batteries completely. It will be well worth celebrating in ritual for this purpose even if this is not normally something you do. OR, if you prefer to celebrate this on your own, enter into meditation and open up to the Divine Feminine to fill you up with Holy Spirit power. Fuelled by this download, you’ll be on FIRE during the Mercury Rx period. When others may be forced to slow down, you will feel inspired and want to charge ahead. Go for it!

Pisces – August is an intensely emotional month for you. For Pisces that’s a bit like saying ‘water will be intensely wet this month’ but the truth is, it may be even more intense than usual as you are working your way through a sense of loss. This doesn’t even have to be a thing or a person (though it can be) but could be an aspect of self that you’re having to say goodbye to. Surrender the intense feelings and ask God to exchange them for trust that you are being guided all the way home and that all parts of you that matter will accompany you to the end. Essentially, this process is one of returning to a sense of wholeness after spending a lifetime yearning for some ethereal ‘other’ never quite within reach. During the Full Moon, you may feel tempted to abandon your trust in the Divine in favour of acting suspicious of everyone’s motives. Just become aware of this old fear that stems from not having guarded your own personal boundaries wisely and surrender it. The Mercury retrograde period brings a reunion. You will hear from an old friend or lover.

For a personal reading to help you navigate any aspect of the reading above more in-depth, or to ask an entirely unrelated question, feel free to book a Tarot reading with me!


Lisa Frideborg