December Tarotscopes Vice Versa Tarot

December Tarotscopes

We have arrived at the last month of the year and it is time for the December Tarotscopes. This is a good time to start taking stock of the year and to begin making plans/creating a vision board for 2018. I hope you will join in the #angelorumtarot fun for the Year Review – CLICK HERE for a FREE download of the Tarot Year Review Playbook!

Important Astro Dates December 2017

  • 3 December Super Full Moon in Gemini – Mercury retrograde starts
  • 9 December Mars enters Scorpio
  • 18 December New Moon in Sagittarius
  • 19 December Saturn enters Capricorn
  • 21 December Sun enters Capricorn

December Tarotscopes with the Vice Versa Tarot

Don’t forget to check your Moon and Rising signs as well as your Sun sign!


Secrets will be revealed and in some instances this will make it easier for you to move forward if you have been feeling stuck. Love and romance in particular will be affected by this theme of revelations leading to important choices. Fact check everything. You may find that not everyone who comes into your life has pure intent and that some of them are after what you have, while others are telling fibs.


The Sagittarian visionary energy is touching you his month, making you want to study and broaden your horizons. You would benefit from researching anything that fascinates you more in-depth. You will be able to shine your light more brightly if you follow the inner nudges to do so. Hard work will pay off. You may not feel like socialising much but would rather enjoy a quiet night in with a good book.


December Tarotscopes Gemini

You could receive recognition for work you have done this month. The law of returns is kicking in hard and fast in December. Whatever you have been sending out into the world is coming back to you and in a way that is making you be accountable or that puts you in a favourable light. Work together with others in service to the Truth and all will be well. You are able to quickly manifest your thoughts into physical reality.


December Tarotscopes Cancer

A fantastic month for self-development work and deep sudden insights about your emotional needs and life purpose. You will unearth some truths about yourself that may rather surprise and delight you. Be fearless in your quest for the truth and you will reap rich rewards. You will be challenged to communicate your goals and desires. Don’t hold back and deal with any shadow issues head on! Your wisdom inspires others.


December Tarotscopes Leo

This month sees some big changes for you, especially with regards to self-care. Some of the changes you need to implement in order to regain your sense of wellbeing may not sit well initially. You could feel bored and even slightly depressed. Allow for those feelings to surface. If you have the courage to sit with them they will quickly vanish. Overdoing it this Festive Season won’t be an option as your heart and/or gut won’t allow it.


December Tarotscopes Virgo

You carry a heavy load this December. I see two parallel themes here. Work and kith/kin who are getting on your very last nerve. It is important to know that it is OK to delegate/postpone some of the tasks/situations/family gatherings that threaten to overwhelm. Bring back balance by creating space for just sitting with your emotions and inviting some beauty back into your life. Keep it real with everyone and you’ll be OK.


December Tarotscopes Libra

Change is inevitable and also desirable in December. You have a chance to change things for better and start a new chapter. A situation that has been a source or conflict or that has been weighing you down is now ending for you. Don’t get complacent and don’t doubt yourself. You need to stay confident and keep moving forward. You have all that you need to make the change you are hoping for happen. Believe it and you will see it!


December Tarotscopes Scorpio

December is a month of working hard to make sure you have enough for yourself and everyone in your care but it’s not all about work. You’ll have time to chill and celebrate with friends and family too. You may come across as a bit aloof to your loved ones this month. This is likely to do with a stronger than usual need to go within to evaluate why you are doing what you are doing and if it is worth it. A playful attitude will balance your energy.


December Tarotscopes Sagittarius

December brings an opportunity to stop postponing your dreams. You can make them true by following your heart’s desire in spite of fierce opposition. This opposition could come from your own intellect or it could come at you from the outside in the form of other people. Rearrange your own priorities so that people pleasing and comfort rank low. Doing so will help you focus on that thing you have had on the back burner for too long.


December Tarotscopes Capricorn

Don’t dwell on why things didn’t go your way or why something that seems unfair is happening to you. The Great Wheel keeps turning… Some of the things happening now are karmic in nature and there is no point in guessing about the original cause. If there is a temporary low in December it can’t last long because the Wheel is starting to turn back up again, bringing a new adventure that will soon lift your spirit. Expect the unexpected!


December Tarotscopes Aquarius

You are ready to break free from any illusions or delusions you have had about finances and take full responsibility for your situation. There are important choices to make about money matters in December and you could do worse than to ask for some expert help with the bits you don’t fully comprehend. This is the start of things turning around for you even if you can’t feel it quite yet due to the added pressure of the Holiday Season.


December Tarotscopes Pisces

There is a battle between your heart and… erm… pardon me for being blunt… nether parts this month. You could easily fool yourself into thinking that strong chemistry is a sign of true love when you know you know better. If you have a pattern of falling for the wrong type, you are able to bring this into your awareness for healing now. Smash the rose-tinted glasses and get real about your core needs – proceed with integrity or not at all.


December Blessings from the North of England!




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