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Free Reading Friday

Happy Friday, Friends! For this week’s free reading we are not doing a weekly zodiac forecast but focusing instead on how to make the most of the New Moon in Aries energies.

Focus on the image above take a couple of deep breaths to relax and access your intuition. Choose the number you are most drawn too and scroll down below the next image which is a filler to stop you from peaking…

Before you scroll past the image of the ram to get to the reveal, I’d like to invite you to join the new FB community that Sandra Geddes of Firerose Tarot and I started. Click here to join the 3 of Cups Tarot Community. Essentially, we merged two  existing groups because we decided it would be more fun to do this together than separately and it also prevents social media overwhelm. Twice the fun with half the amount of work in other words!

Free Reading Friday Reveal

reveal free reading friday new moon in aries

Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle

  1. Your focus for this New Moon – from Tuesday and to the next Full Moon – is ‘Joy and Stability.’ This card corresponds with the 4 of Wands in traditional deck of cards. Focus on inviting more joy into your home by clearing out any influences that are less than joyful. Items that clutter your space. Images on the wall that have stopped making you smile. The old broken chair in the corner of the dining room and the pile of magazines you store under it… That kind of stuff… Throw the windows open and the spring breeze in. Then add some splashes of colour in throws and pillows. Once it’s done, you’ll feel in the mood to be more sociable and invite people over again. You don’t need an excuse to through a dinner party but if you need one, why not simply celebrate the arrival of spring?! This card could also have an impact on your work life, in which case now is not a time to make a drastic career move. Focus on stability… at least for now. Plan and research a bit more before you take the plunge.
  2. Your focus for this New Moon is ‘Heart Chakra.’ This card does not have a correspondence in a traditional deck of cards. Have you listened to your heart lately? Time in stillness will be well spent. Messages are waiting to arise. Once you have listened to them, you will feel as if you have a clear purpose once again. This is especially important if you have been feeling cynical about your prospects or life in general lately. Those are the kind of things that shrink your heart and life force. Reconnect with your heart and come back to life… Use the colour green therapeutically if you are drawn to working with colour therapy as this is the colour of the heart chakra. Don’t make any important life choices in the weeks ahead without checking in with your heart first!
  3. New beginnings are often seen with the Aries New Moon but for you it means walking away first… The next few weeks means drawing a line under the past and freeing yourself from whatever the source of your discontent may be. The ‘Moving On’ card corresponds with the 8 of Cups in a traditional deck of Tarot cards. This could relate to either work or a love relationship. To hone in more of what’s needed for this transitional phase, why not try the 8 of Cups-inspired Tarot spread I created yesterday? I have also included a simple release ritual which can help you move on. CLICK HERE for your free Tarot spread and ritual info.

Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg