Janury Tarotscopes 2018

January Tarotscopes

Janury Tarotscopes 2018

Happy Yule my friends! Woohoo, we survived the shortest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere! According to the Daily Mail, the Winter Solstice was supposed to be the worst day of the year, so give yourself a pat of the back if you’re still here to tell the tale. Mind you, this is not an endorsement of the stories peddled by the Daily Mail – better to take most of media with a grain of salt these days, methinks. 

Enough of 2017 already! Let’s draw a line under it and focus on the start of 2018 with the January Tarotscopes but first, let’s have a look at some important astro dates for the month ahead…

Important Astro Dates January 2018

  • 2 January – Full Moon in Cancer
  • 2 January – Uranus stations direct in Aries
  • 11 January – Mercury enters Capricorn
  • 17 January – New Moon in Capricorn
  • 18 January – Venus enters Aquarius
  • 26 January – Mars enters Sagittarius
  • 31 January – Mercury enters Aquarius
  • 31 January – Full Moon (Blue Moon) in Leo

January Tarotscopes with the Centennial RWS Tarot

Don’t forget to check your Moon and Rising signs as well as your Sun sign!


01 Aries January Tarotscopes

Uranus stationing direct in your own sign at the start of the month is significant in terms of your energy levels stabilising. You will find it easier to stay focused on work. You may even have a feeling of ‘Yes, I’m back!’ Look at how far you have come since Uranus entered your sign in 2011 though. You are not the same and one of the most significant ways you have change is your ability to provide a sense of stability for others like the Aries Tarot Emperor. You are in an excellent place for new love or a deepening of commitment in an existing relationship.


02 Taurus January Tarotscopes

Oh boy, Taurus… what a month! All three Tarot cards from the Major Arcana so the emphasis is on personal transformation and growth for you in January. Anything you want to do, you can succeed at with the powerful combination of The Sun and The Magician. Judgement heralds a life-changing choice coming up. This could be with regards to your career but it doesn’t have to mean changing jobs. It will, however, no doubt be a choice that will make it possible to align with your soul’s calling. Don’t worry, the signs won’t be subtle. If anything, watch out for that 2×4 that the Universe is likely to hit you over the head with!


03 Gemini January Tarotscopes

The High Priestess sits at the centre of this trio of Tarot cards. She is calling you back home. Retire from the din of (social) media often to gather your thoughts and receive peace from the Source. Not all is what it seems when the news sound really bad. Not everything you hear is true or even relevant. And not everyone who talks to you has your best interests at heart. Be wise like a serpent. Walk away from drama. Observe. Silence will almost always be the remedy in January. That way, when you do speak, you will be fully aligned with Truth and your words will carry weight.


04 Cancer January Tarotscopes

January is a power month for you and you have a Full Moon in your own Sign coming up right at the start of the month. Use this first few days of 2018 to refine your vision and set the intent firmly for what you wish to achieve in the next 12 months. You are in a very good place to make your dreams come true. Your confidence levels are high, as is your determination to succeed. Setting achievable short-term goals that can be fulfilled within the first few weeks of the year will help you keep the momentum going. Some deserving Cancerians will receive public recognition and rewards this month – especially those who teach or are in a leadership position of some kind.


05 Leo January Tarotscopes

Looking back to January 2017, you will see how far you have come and also how ready you are for things to change drastically now. January is great for recognising past achievements and setting new goals. This is a busy month for you workwise but there is also a lot going on in terms of inner work. Stress levels could be quite high (especially if you overspent at Christmas) so make sure you pencil in some down time (and balance your accounts). Your magical, mystical self longs for communion with Spirit. You cheat yourself of you think you don’t have time to meditate – The truth is, you don’t have time to NOT meditate. Meditation will also help you make wise decisions even if they happen on the fly which is likely this month.


06 Virgo January Tarotscopes

January will be a month of both highs and lows… the highest highs and the lowest lows. The trick for coping with it all and maintaining your own equilibrium is to be compassionate with yourself and others. It is also possible that someone in your family or close friendship circle will turn to you for a shoulder to cry on. Make an effort to find time for fun and games. It’s all too easy to take everything to heart and feel that it is oh so serious.  Plan some time away or some nice get-togethers with friends so that you have fun stuff to look forward too.


07 Libra January Tarotscopes

Will you or won’t you? There is love in the Air but you are stalling on making a go of it. It’s OK, don’t make any important decisions until you are absolutely sure they are the one or you want to commit fully. You may be feeling the pull of playful Leo Full Moon at the end of the month. That’s when you realise that you need an adventure or a partner with an adventurous spirit. If you have rested and looked after yourself earlier in the month, you can ride off to your new romantic adventure under the Leo Full Moon, Knight of Wands style – without a care in the world!


08 Scorpio January Tarotscopes

The start of 2018 isn’t going to be the easiest part of the New Year. January brings a need for healing. Don’t force it. You need to allow for it to happen organically and that takes time. Be honest about how you feel and don’t try to put a brave face on it. More importantly, be honest with yourself about how you feel deep down. Dreamwork and keeping a dream journal will facilitate healing and while it may not speed the process up, it will give you invaluable insights along the healing journey.


09 Sagittarius January Tarotscopes

Issues that weren’t resolved at the end of 2017 need to be completed now so that you can decide which direction you are heading in next. An important decision needs to be made with regards to your career/life purpose. The Page of Swords shows up to let you know that the matter needs to be carefully investigated before you are ready to make the decision. It could be tempting to just move on without thinking things through but you might find yourself like a boat without a rudder if you fall for that temptation.


10 Capricorn January Tarotscopes

Important messages are coming your way at the start of the year and you will have to have both the wit and the courage to respond decisively. Quick changes are nothing to worry about – In fact, they will provide an opportunity for you to shine. The Queen of Wands likes to take centre stage. She tells us that your charisma levels will be peaking. Not that you’ll use it to seduce anyone… Nope, you’ll be all business about it and put it to good use to get people to listen to what you have to say, in a way that can furthers your career.


11 Aquarius January Tarotscopes

Your ruler, Uranus, is stationing direct at the start of the month and new opportunities beckon, especially with regards to work and money. You’re raring to go, full of ideas and excited about making the most of this new beginning. However, you will need to pace yourself. The 10 of Wands as action advice is a sign that you could quite easily burn yourself out otherwise. Plan your progress in stages by setting yourself short- and long-term goals. Make sure that the goals are achievable and that you hold yourself accountable for meeting them – otherwise, that lovely shiny pentacle could turn into a pie in the sky.


12 Pisces January Tarotscopes

Wow, it’s not even the ‘month of love’ yet and look at you! Rekindling of romance, either with an existing partner or someone returning from your past is on the cards for you in January. You are in a better place now than you were last time around. In other words, you now have the ability to make relationship happiness last. Allow yourself to feel deeply and know that it is safe to commit fully once you have established that your heart is in it. The one you love loves you back.