3-9 December Week Ahead Messages

Week Ahead Messages for 3-9 December

3-9 December Week Ahead Messages

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend. The weather has finally cheered up here and we have some much longed-for sunshine after an extraordinarily dreek week. It’s time to have a wee look at what’s on the cards for the week of 3-9 December, 2018.

For this week’s Tarot forecasts, I thought we’d mix it up a bit. Choose a crystal above. Take a moment to ground your energy first. Relax and allow your intuition to guide you. Pick (from left to right) Blue Lace Agate, Clear Quartz or Howlite.

We’re working with the Gilded Reverie Lenormand and the Frideborg Tarot for the individual week ahead messages. General guidance is with the Secret Language of Color Cards and the Gilded Reverie Lenormand.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

3-9 December General Guidance

With the combination of Amber and Coffin, we see a rebirth in the week ahead. We see you coming back to life, awakening to your creative purpose in the world.

Recently, you may have felt stumped and blocked creatively. You may have had a feeling of banging your head against the wall. You may even have slipped into depression or just felt really, really fed up.

This ends now, as you surrender more deeply to your inner guidance which will reawaken you and help you connect both vertically (to Source) and horizontally (to the world around you).

Wear amber in the week ahead or mediate with a piece of amber above your sacral chakra, breathing in the energy of the crystal through your belly and into your body until your aura is replenished. This is a highly energising practise and a great way to start the day.

You don’t need an actual piece of amber but can visualise the colour if you don’t own a piece – It works just as well!

I find that wearing amber daily during the winter months helps me combat SADS. It’s like carrying a bit of sunshine everywhere I go. Amber brings warmth and good cheer in human relationships, as well as helps increase or creativity and vitality levels.


Tarot & Lenormand Week Ahead Messages 3-9 December – Reveal

3-9 December Week Ahead Messages Frideborg Tarot Gilded Reverie Lenormand

You chose blue lace agate

6 of Cups with Cross speak of memories that haunt you with guilt and shame. It is time to actively release these feelings and forgive whoever is left to forgive (yourself?). You can try looking at yourself with compassion and realise that you did the best you could at the time. Now that you know better, you will do better.

There could also be a temptation to look back at the ‘Good old days’ and wish for them to come back. This is not helpful right now and is actually holding you back from aligning fully with your soul’s purpose. Release the past and open up to guidance here and now.

A Waning Moon Release Ritual could be in order. Do it at sundown, tomorrow (Saturday – best day for banishing). Write down what you wish to release and burn it over a candle flame. If you wish, you can use a black candle for banishing but a white candle (all-purpose) will do the job just as well.

For the relationship: A connection with a past soul mate lover could be on your mind or show up in your dreams. Deal with it through compassion and forgiveness, so that you can refocus your energy and be fully present.

You chose clear quartz

9 of Wands with Labyrinth speak of a need to regroup and start over. There could be a disconnect with the world around you – All the more important to heed the advice given in the General Guidance Reading.

Moving forward, you will need to establish healthy boundaries with people around you. If you have been emoting a lot about your (lack of) progress, it is time to focus on a rational solution and put any looping thoughts/reactive patterns away.

Focus on being in harmony with the world around you, instead of trying to control how people perceive you. It’s a subtle shift but extremely powerful. This isn’t about people-pleasing but about letting go of expectations.

To the relationship: Put all mind games and demands of telepathy aside and state your needs and/or concerns clearly. There is a straightforward solution to any issues if you simply speak your mind.

You chose howlite

The Hierophant with Birds shows that communication about your values can lead to growth. Attend talks, workshops and lectures (online if you can’t get out) in the week ahead to broaden the horizon of your mind.

People are interested in hearing your point of view. Make sure to be an active listener in return. Exchange of ideas add value/abundance to your life and propel you forward on your path.

Set aside any rigid thought patterns and actively seek to understand where others are coming from. Avoid judgement and labels. See others the way you wish to be seen: through the eyes of the heart.

To the relationship: A deepening of your commitment could happen this week, provided you are open to dialogue and honestly sharing what your core values are. A great week to date if you are single and looking for a partner who is willing to commit!



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