Angelic Week Ahead Tarot Forecast

Week Ahead Angelic Guidance

Angelic Week Ahead Tarot Forecast

Happy Friday, my friends! This Full Moon week has been full ON! Emotions have been riding high and some of the people who have used social media to vent have truly shown their deepest, darkest shadow in doing so. Yes, it got downright nasty in some instances, with people bashing others for no good reason other than pure envy and hatred.

Full disclosure: my own deepest shadow decided to show up in a dream on the night of the full moon. Mads Mikkelsen, the Danish guy who played Hannibal, took on the role of my animus in an overtly romantic way… so when I’ve seen glimpses of the shadows of others online over the past couple of days, I’ve been very mindful of my own. I actually woke up thinking ‘Am I really that bad?!’

I had a chat with the angels about the dream and they made me realise that I had that dream about being in love with my shadow self in order to help me integrate light and dark – a very Scorpionic theme! I was glad of the dream when this dawned on me because I know we cannot be whole if we disown our own darkness and also that acceptance is the way forward. Don’t worry, this does not mean I’ll ‘have you for dinner.’

But that’s enough about me… How are you doing? Has this super intense full moon been kind to you or has it left you floundering? I want to hear from you in the comments and do let me know if I can be of assistance in any way!

I’m hoping that the heads up for next week will be helpful as well… So… Let’s do this! Look at the image of the three cards above. Straighten your spine, roll your shoulders back. Place your palms face up on your knee and take one deep breath in through your nose and blow the air out through your mouth, releasing any tension.

Connecting Heaven and Earth through the breath

Repeat a couple of times… and if you like, you can imagine a stream of white light coming down from the heart of the Cosmos, in through the top of your head, going down through your spine, connecting you with the red-hot core of Gaia on the out breath as the breath moves from the base of your spine down through the many layers of dirt, rock and magma. On the next breath in, draw up the red energy of magnetic magma from the core, all the way up your spine into your heart where visualise this red light mixing with the white light in your heart… On the out-breath, you see in your mind’s eye how the pink love energy you hold in your heart as a beloved child of the Cosmos shoots through the crown of your head to connect you with the heart of God (or Source, Universe, Divine Intelligence…) Repeat until you feel completely connected, loved and relaxed.

Now that you have grounded and centred, you can choose the number you feel drawn to for your angelic week ahead message…

But before you scroll down for the reading reveal, I want to share a story about a real life angel rescue that happened to me…

When I was 15 and living in a flat in Stockholm City, I would often go to the park on a hot summer’s day to sun bathe. This particular day, I had chosen a secluded area of the park close to the edge of a forest. There were no other people around… or so I thought. Except there was a man in his 30’s hiding in the trees. After I had laid down to sun my back, he crept out from the trees and pinned me down.

I couldn’t move. I could barely breathe… I’ve never been so afraid in my life! Not knowing what else to do I sent a non verbal S.O.S to God while this vile man was whispering in my ear what he intending to do to me. Things so horrid that I couldn’t possible share them here… But then, out of the blue, I hear another voice, seemingly coming from inside my head, booming ‘Go!’

I knew this was divine intervention so I stood up clinging to the towel I had been lying on. Here’s the thing, the man was still pinning me down as I stood up but it was if I had been given super strength and he just flew off my back. I started running without looking back.

After about 10 minutes, I got to the bridge that connects the island I was on with mainland Stockholm and as I run across the bridge, I see my sister coming from the other direction. Both out of breath, she asks me, ‘Lisa, what happened? Dad went into a trance and said he could see you getting raped… Then he just shouted RUN!’

I can’t remember what happened after that… but I’m very grateful to my Guardian Angel who rescued me that day.

The Reveal

Angelic Week Ahead Forecast Tarot Reading Reveal

  1. You chose number 1. Plum means that he divine mother is watching over you and asking you to connect with her loving energy to help support you through the challenges you are now facing. Just as you did before choosing your card, you can do a light breath meditation but this time, simply visualise a beautiful plum colour filling your heart on the in-breath. Keep breathing this colour in and think ‘love’ every time you breathe in. Breathe out peace and allow this love and peace to fill your aura completely. The divine feminine is seeking expression through you to bring balance and harmony to the Earth. She will assist you with any blocks and challenges to love along the way. It matters not so much by what name you know her by. Simply call on her and allow her to fill you up any time you feel under siege, whether it be by your own negative thoughts or because others are trying to rope you in to take a role in their drama.  Holy Mother God is teaching you boundaries and self-love.
  2. You chose number 2. Grey means that you have been neglecting the needs of your body to the point where you can no longer hear your body speak. This grey is like a cloud of buzzy mental energy that is scattering your energy and draining you. If you have been spending too much time online, it is time to be more disciplined with your daily schedule. You can easily tell if an addiction to being online is making you ungrounded by how forgetful you are and how easily you bump into things. I’m also hearing ‘You’re not drinking enough water.’ Make drinking a glass of water a mindfulness exercise. Start showing your body a bit more love by introducing a daily self-care routine so that it starts feeling safe to open up to you… then listen to your body and scan it with your mind’s eye for any tension or imbalance which shows up as darker areas when you scan your body. Just sit for a minute and observe like this and then do the light breathing exercise from higher up in the post, willing the white light to push out any darkness on its way down to the core to be transmuted by Gaia’s loving light.
  3. You chose number 3. Indigo is a sign that you are now able to take your clairvoyance to the next level. If this is the first time someone has told you that you are psychic, there is no need to be surprised. It’s a well-kept secret because we live in patriarchy and patriarchy punishes rather than rewards the divine feminine skills and talents. We are all psychic but if we all developed our gifts, worldly powers wouldn’t be able to manipulate us quite as easily. You are now awakening and so are your psychic powers, in particular clairvoyance. This is a sign that you need to get serious about your daily meditation practice and also actively seek out ways to develop further. Work with the crystals lapis lazuli and amethyst to enhance this ability. Practice daily, if only for five minutes. There are tons of fun exercises you can try. For instance, if you have a deck of cards, you can choose a card face down and place your receptive hand over it (left if you are right-handed), relax and see what you can pick up on with your mind’s eye before you turn the card over. Don’t judge yourself too harshly if you only get a couple of details right the first time. Try to pick up on the mood of the card as well as the visual clues. It can even help add to your understanding of the deeper meanings of the card!

Have a fab weekend, everyone!


Love and Angel Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg