Week Ahead Forecast 27 Feb – 5 March


Our Lady of Truth from the Mother Mary Oracle

Welcome to the forecast for the week of 27 Feb. Working with the Mother Mary Oracle for the forecast I posted last week took me on such a journey. The ‘New Vision’ card fulfilled its promised and then some. I sense deep personal healing with regards to the divine feminine and also mankind awakening to a deep sense of belonging in Her loving arms. I have been blessed to bring through some messages from Mother Mary since then. Check out the Sweet Perfume post the Message for the Solar Eclipse.

I don’t think anybody has missed the fact that Sunday’s New Moon in Pisces also brings us a Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Mars will be conjunct Uranus in Aries on the day, squaring Pluto and opposing Jupiter. The tension is building and is already palpable to those of us who are sensitive.

Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries is a heads up to proceed with caution. Accidents tend to happen under this constellation. Mind your head in particular. Don’t speed, wear a helmet and avoid situations that could produce road rage. Tempers are likely to fly. Don’t be the one who starts anything, it could lead to disaster. If you struggle with anger issues, ask the Blessed Mother to help and wear blue chalcedony.

Remember, you can’t force someone else to see the truth. Live and let live. Focus on staying true to yourself.

On a global scale, truth (or the lack of it) is likely to be in focus, so it is no surprise that Our Lady of Truth is coming out to light the way for us. Information is being used to wage war on a scale we have never seen before. Whatever is about to erupt is probably likely to do so sooner rather than later.

That said, we do not need to live in fear…

The message from the Blessed Mother for the week ahead is that as we stay true to ourselves and speak our truth, we draw near to Her. She can help illuminate our mind and heart as long as we abstain from deluding ourselves. Ask the Blessed Mother to clear you of any thoughts that you are not good enough to do what you are being divinely guided to do. Know that you are supported in living your truth.

The ‘Our Lady of Truth’ card follows the ‘Our Lady of New Vision’ numerically and I don’t feel this is a coincidence. This week we have been guided to a new vision for our lives, our purpose and role in the world. Next week, we need to muster the courage to live the truth of this new vision.

There may be opposition from those who would rather see us stay the same. You will be tested in more ways than one… and you may not feel as if you have absolute clarity yet about what you are here to do. Know this: as you begin speaking what you do know, your words will light up the path before you. Some relationships that are not for your highest good are likely to come to and end this week.

You are protected on this path of truth and vision because it belongs to us all. In truth, we are one body.

A sign from the Blessed Mother this morning… All week, I have been seeing pink roses in my mind’s eye (they are evident in the posts I linked to above). I asked for a sign of Her presence and this is what I found in our garden when I let the puppy out: a single pink rose petal in the green grass… and look at the heart shape in the middle of it!

Day by day Tarot guidance for the week ahead

Monday: 3 of Cups – Celebrate love all around you. Challenge: Avoid triangulation/cheating in love and gossip. Blessing: Fun, great friendships and enjoyment of sensual pleasures.

Tuesday: 2 of Cups – It is safe to love. Challenge: To rise above relationship challenges. Blessing: Being coupled. True love.

Wednesday: 5 of Wands – Stop comparing yourself to others. Challenge: Tough competition. Low self-confidence. Blocked creativity. Blessing: Great sparring partners help you achieve more. You stop comparing yourself to others. Greater levels of confidence and self-acceptance.

Thursday: 8 of Swords – Overcome analysis paralysis with acceptance and mindfulness. Challenge: Realising the looping thoughts in your head aren’t who you are. Blessing: Becoming the Observer and acting from a Higher Truth to cut through the crap.

Friday: The World – One cycle ends, prepare for the next. Challenge: Don’t get stuck or limit yourself. Blessing: A new door is opening because you have completed a cycle of learning – Come on through!

Saturday: Page of Swords – Ask the right questions now. Challenge: Avoid asking the wrong questions. Blessing: Asking questions that lead to insight and the ability to move forward.

Sunday: 3 of Swords – Relationships ending. Challenge: Avoid spiritual bypass. Allow yourself to grieve. Blessing: Accepting our wounds makes us more beautiful from the inside.


Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg