Week ahead messages 14-20 May

Week Ahead Messages 14-20 May

Week Ahead Messages 14-20 May

Happy Fri-Yay, my friends! It’s time for the week ahead messages for 14-20 May. This week, we are working with the Morgan Greer Tarot and the Alchemy Stones. General guidance is from The Wicca Pack.

Celestially speaking we have quite a big week ahead. Uranus is moving into Taurus after having spent the past seven years in Aries. We also have a New Moon in Taurus right before this big event.

Take a moment to tune into your inner guidance before scrolling past the general Spirit message for the week ahead. Close your eyes, relax your body using your breath and try to sense your connection to Mother Earth. Call on your guardian angel and/or spirit guide. When you feel grounded and centred, open your eyes and pick a number between 1-3 for your combined Tarot and Alchemy stones week ahead message.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Cord Initiation The Wicca Pack

Cord is a sign that this New Moon/Ingress of Uranus into Taurus is a powerful time for new beginnings. You can put aside all doubts you may have had if you are thinking about stepping onto a new spiritual Path. The calling is real and the Powers That Be truly wish to work with you.

To some, however, cord can apply on a more mundane level in terms of a situation or relationship leaving you feeling drained and powerless. This means that you need to use the energy of the Waning Moon/Dark Moon to banish this influence completely.

To others still both scenarios apply, i.e. in order to step onto your new Path, you need to first free yourself. If you are holding onto resentment and feel unwilling to let go as you contemplate cutting cords, it could be because you on some level fear the insights you would gain if you instead asked what you were meant to learn from this situation.

Asking the right questions is how you level up. Letting go becomes easy when we get more excited about what the unknown holds for us than how to punish someone (including ourselves) who didn’t know better.

Tarot & Alchemy Stones Week Ahead Messages Reveal

Week Ahead Messages 14-20 May

You chose Stone & Tarot card combination number 1

The Philospher’s Stone with the Ace of Swords (Air). Pure power and ease of transformation are with you now. This is the perfect time to build on past projects and ideas for creating something new that will help you achieve success and maximise your potential.

The idea you have or the calling that you have received must be acted on. Thankfully, you have both clarity and peace about what you need to do next. You are also wise enough to know that you do not need to see the end goal clearly to take the first few steps on this new journey.

Affirmation: I act on the inspiration I receive and know that I am on the path to success.

You chose Stone & Tarot card combination number 2

Fire with the 3 of Cups (Mercury in Cancer). Your social life and friendships can be transformed this week, provided you set the intent. The warmth, interest and compassion you give out will be more than returned.

This could also apply to a love relationship that has gone a bit stale. Use the New Moon in Taurus energy to infuse your relationship with more beauty, sensuality and romance. Plan a surprise for your lover and watch the relationship start blossoming again.

Affirmation: I cherish my closest relationships and nurture them with compassion and warmth.

You chose Stone & Tarot card combination number 3

The Moon and the 4 of Cups (Moon in Cancer) is a sign that you are becoming more sensitive and psychic. It is important for you to flow with the lunar cycles and rest when needed.

Increased sensitivity can be difficult to deal with because sometimes you are not always certain if the feelings you have are yours or of you absorbed them from the world around you. It is important for you to have a regular meditation practice to help you detach and become the Observer. Whether the feelings are yours or someone else’s they become much easier to deal with once you stop identifying with them.

Affirmation: I honour my sensitivity and flow with the cycles of the Moon.

Have a great weekend, my friends!



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