Week Ahead Messages 4-10 June

week ahead messages 4-10 june

Happy Fri-Yay, my friends! What kind of week have you had? A good one, I hope. The other day, I got some feedback on last week’s forecast, letting me know how spot on it had been. I love hearing from you about these forecasts so either leave a comment or send me a message on Facebook if you find that they are relevant and/or have helped you in some significant way. 

For the week ahead messages for 4 – 10 June we are working with the Wizard’s Tarot for the individual messages. This deck has a Harry Potter-ish feel to it which makes it fun to play with. As usual, I’m also working with the Alchemy Stones. For General Guidance from Spirit about the week ahead, I was drawn to work with the Oracle of the Dragonfae.

How to Choose Your Magical Week Ahead Guidance Combo

You can choose one of two ways to pick your Tarot card and Alchemy Stone combo. The first method is the intuitive method. Before allowing your intuition to guide you, I strongly recommend taking a moment to relax, ground and centre. Do this by closing your eyes for a moment and allowing any tension to leave the body on the exhalation. Visualise roots going deep into the earth, connecting you to Earth’s core. Draw light from Source and any fragments of your energy that have split off in through your crown chakra and keep circulating the breath until you experience that you have landed fully in your body. Then gently open your eyes and pick the number you feel most drawn to.

The second method is to allow a digital randomizer choose the card for you.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

week ahead messages 4-10 june oracle of the dragonfae rebirth

Birth is not a pain-free process. The same can also be said of rebirth. The card above shows up to acknowledge the birthing pain as you are being squeezed through the dark birth canal and forced to face your deepest fears, misgivings, doubts, shame and feelings of having somehow failed. You can’t skip this step because this is the step that makes you whole again. Without facing your inner gremlins, there is no genuine growth, only spiritual bypass… So take heart, my friend.

It’s all good.

The new you that is being (re)born is the more powerful you – Your True, Magickal Self. For this version of you to blossom into being, you need to gather all the pieces and fragments of your soul’s energy back in. This means radical forgiveness of everyone – including/especially yourself. Radical forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning the actions of the one who hurt you. It means letting go of the expectation that they will change or somehow be able to make it up to you. It means cutting the energetic cords that bind you to that person and freeing yourself – unsticking yourself from the past.

Spend a few moments visualising yourself as a flower. Start with the seed and then see how the sprout pushes its way through the soil. Imagine breaking through to the surface and drinking in the light and moisture through your new roots… You can even improvise a movement sequence that takes you through these stages if it helps. Complete the visualisation (movement sequence) by seeing yourself standing tall, face to the Sun, radiating your True Self out into the world.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” —Lao Tzu Click To Tweet

Make the Lao Tzu quote above your mantra for the week ahead.

The message above strengthens the message from Spirit I got during the most recent Full Moon about the Phoenix energies that many of us are now working with.

Tarot & Alchemy Stones Week Ahead Messages Reveal

week ahead messages 4-10 june reveal

You chose Stone & Tarot card combination number 1

Mercury with The Emperor (Aries).  Your mental faculties are strong this week. This is a week for taking action, getting organised and taking charge. You are the person people are likely to look to take the lead in some capacity.

This is a great week for launching new projects and making career plans/changes. Expect positive developments in the area of work. Write any letters/emails you may have been putting off.

You are capable of explaining difficult concepts or complicated ideas so that people easily understand them. A great week for any form of writing/teaching/public speaking work.

You have a better overview of what is going on than most of the people around you. Be patient with others. Address everyone with kindness, especially the ones that the gods seem to have sent to try you.

Affirmation: I am gentle with those who look to me for strength and inspiration.

You chose Stone & Tarot card combination number 2

Philosophic Sulphur with the Queen of Wands (Aries). You are full of drive and passion this week. You have the capacity to guide, inspire and nurture others with your warmth. However, you need to seek balance and make some time for meditation/quiet contemplation or the Fire of the Phoenix within you could get out of control.

Control your temper. Understand that this is a precarious phase. Yes, you are becoming more powerful but you have yet to learn how to control this power. One way to stay balanced is to use your breath to focus your energy in the heart chakra. Imagine the breath flowing in and out through this chakra and on each inhalation, a read rose unfolds its petals. Keep going until the flower is fully formed.

You may find that you are extremely sexually charged this week. Make the most of it in any way you can (sublimate only if you must) – This energy will not be repressed. If you try, you may find yourself in the middle of volcanic eruption!

Affirmation: I act from the heart and honour my creative/sexual drive as Divine.

You chose Stone & Tarot card combination number 3

Ouroboros and the Page of Wands (Fire) is a sign that you are aware of a new stage of your journey having begin. You know there is a lot to learn but you are oh so easily distracted. Essentially, the song ‘Girls just want to have fun’ sums up how you feel.

Use a daily grounding practice to balance and ground your energy. Exercise to channel excess energy. Come up with a strategy and a daily schedule to help you stay on track with your work/studies.

This week could see new beginnings in lots of different areas for you. You can easily attract a new lover if you so wish, for instance. Be careful what you wish for because manifestation will happen very quickly in the days ahead.

A budding awareness that you are the magick you seek is starting to blossom in your conscious awareness.

Affirmation: I stay grounded and focused.

Unifying theme for all three cards: Wow, so much Fire in all the cards today! I’m picking up on ‘hot air’ and a lot of arguments flying back and forth for many of us. When you start changing in significant ways and truly start owning your power, it is bound to rub some people the wrong way. I hope these week ahead messages help you keep the flames under control. 🙂

Have a great weekend, my friends!



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