week ahead messages 8-14 october

Week Ahead Messages 8-14 October

week ahead messages 8-14 october

Happy Friday, my friends! For this week’s pick-a-card messages, we are once again working with the borderless Smith-Waite Tarot, as well as the Alchemy Stones. Rather than pulling a card for the general message from spirit for the week ahead, I felt guided to share some thoughts about the Middle Path/Way.

ASTRO ALERT: Venus goes retrograde tomorrow (UK) for 40 days and here is what you need to know.

Before making your alchemy stone and Tarot card selection, it may be helpful to take a few deep breaths to ground and centre your energy. You can also use a digital random number generator if you prefer. Both methods work equally well to bring you the message the Universe has for you.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Duality and the Middle Path

Ultimately all duality is about the ‘I’ vs the ‘All’ – Neither is good or evil and both are necessary for the work we are here to do. People from many different religious traditions and spiritual paths speak of Left Hand vs Right Hand. Only true mystics understand that there is no need to choose one above the other.

The light is not superior to the darkness. Without the rest of night, we would all soon be dead; Without dreams, our souls would wither. We were given two hands for a reason. Intellect and intuition must work in harmony. The ego ‘I’ is part of the ‘we’ is part of the ‘All.’ It’s a note in the symphony of creation.

The ego is in no way inferior to the ‘Higher Self’ which, sadly, some choose to wield as a sign of superiority and a veil for their sense of separation from Source. Those who are firmly on the Middle Path understand that what comes down must go up… but it can’t rise to the top before it has descended fully. Ultimately, both the ‘ego’ and the ‘Higher Self’ are part of the same illusion of separation.

All through our lives, we work both on embodying our soul in this ‘package’ of a specific individuality, chosen and co-tailored by us for optimal soul growth, as well as on transcending the limitations that become imposed on us when we choose to individuate. There is constantly one energy rising and one sinking down.

On the middle path or way, we seek to keep those energies in harmony. We observe both with equanimity. We understand the importance of the ego and of the All. We do not deny the darkness in favour of the light or vice versa.

The Buddha’s insight into the middle way is not simply about a balance between extremes. This conventional understanding misses the deeper revelation of the middle way as being the very nature of unexcelled enlightenment. The middle way is an invitation to leap beyond nirvana and samsara and to realize the unborn Buddha mind right in the middle of everywhere.
~ Adyashanti

Tarot & Alchemy Stone Week Ahead Messages Reveal

Week Ahead Messages 8-14 October Reveal

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 1

Sulphur with 7 of Pentacles brings a message about patiently weeding out thought patterns and behaviours that have held you back. You may need to step back and reassess what you are doing. Try not to get frustrated if that is the case. This is as much part of the process as moving forward and in hindsight you will realise that this is where your most valuable learning took place.

For the relationship: Frustration and annoyance will be difficult to avoid in the week ahead. Communicate clearly and gently with your loved ones about your increased need for space. Shouting ‘F*ck off!’ or ‘Shut up!’ is not going to improve relationships.

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 2

Mercury with the 8 of Pentacles presents the unique challenge of having to focus on the task at hand in spite of your many brilliant ideas. Some of those ideas will help your work – Others will simply serve to distract you from what must now be done. One way to resolve this dilemma is to make a schedule for the week ahead, prioritising the tasks that must be carried out and/or completed. Deadlines obviously rise to the top of this list.

Work should flow smoothly and you will be able to create some really amazing things if you just manage to stay disciplined and focused.

For the relationship: Socialising and dating is not likely to be your top priority this week. However, unless you are single and in hermit mode, you may wish to pencil in some quality time with loved ones in that busy schedule of yours!

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 3

Quintessence with Judgement speaks of a big week with important developments around your soul mission, life purpose or calling. If you have been feeling like you’re not quite finding your way, this could change dramatically as you gain certainty about what your true mission is.

However, you must still choose to embrace this mission by acting on this inner guidance. What you have gathered so far must instantly be put to good use, or you may once again find yourself floundering. You are meant to do something unique and that is why the path before you is not clear – You literally have to make the path. Trust that everything you have learned and all your talents matter. They can and will all be put to good use now. Nothing is wasted.

For the relationship: You may face a life-changing decision about your love life. Your personal awakening will most likely lead to some relationships automatically being disqualified.



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