Weekly Forecast for Empaths and HSP’s

Week Ahead Forecast 1 Feb 2016

Hello my lovelies!

I’m posting next week’s forecast to the sound of Gertrude (a transatlantic storm front) howling outside my window. Hope you enjoy getting the heads up on next week earlier. Let me know what you think and how it resonates.

Go forth and shine!




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  1. Thank you for the lovely reading Lisa. I know it’s for the week ahead but you’ve touched on themes that have been with me recently. Just over the last few days I’ve felt a distinct change in the energy of some relationships where some have got much closer and others felt more distant. I had thought this sudden polarisation a little odd. One thing I hadn’t considered was that people were responding to a change in my energy (it’s shifting for sure!) but hearing you say it, seems so obvious! Brightest blessings.

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  2. Thanks, it resonate for me with a structuring and planning since I have become driver for my son’s casual job, a school has started too for all of us with all other activities too. Hm, romance, I might skip a comment on this one :). Blessings

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