3 Reasons I Won’t Read on Twin Flame Love

jesus and mary magdalene

Anything I write about Twin Flame love always attracts a lot of attention and since I posted a couple of Twin Flames-related Tarot spreads, I have had several people ask me to interpret the Twin Flame readings they have done for themselves.

The first spread, Are You Twin Flame Material, was created for the purpose of seeing if you are ready for Twin Flame love, as well as to divine the nature of the connection.

Actually, for the first part of the intended purpose (seeing if you are ready), all you need to do is ask yourself if you are ready to surrender all in service to the Light… and perhaps I should have made this clearer.

The second spread, Stages of the Twin Flame Relationship, was inspired by a YouTube video and is meant to use to divine the various stages of your Twin Flame relationship, whether you have connected with your Twin Flame yet or not.

Neither spread will tell you who your Twin Flame is or indeed if you have connected already – this is something you must trust your inner knowing on.

In spite of all the requests made for me to offer these readings as one of my email readings services, I have neither the inclination nor the ability of doing so and here is why:

* Only you can know if you have met your Twin Flame or not

Most people who contact me, do not want the actual spread interpreted so much as confirmation that the one they think is their Twin Flame really is.

This is not something you can see for somebody else; You either know or you don’t and if there is the least bit of doubt, you can be certain that he or she is not your Twin Flame. However, there is also a chance that you could be deluding yourself if fantasies about Twin Flame love fulfil a strong emotional need and in this case too, because your higher self knows on some level that this is delusional, you are also looking for confirmation to shush up that still small voice within and anything a reader says to contradict your delusion is just likely to make you angry.

The acid test lies of course in if you would be happy to just serve together, platonically. Merging sexually is not required of Twin Flames. A Twin Flame union is about unity for the purpose of divine service. Some Twin Flames are also romantically involved but it takes a great degree of maturity to handle this gracefully, so I believe it to be quite rare still in 3D.

The proof is evident for all to see. If you have been united with your Twin Flame in this incarnation you will be actively serving in the world together and many people will reap the benefits from your union. It really isn’t about you – it’s about everyone being blessed by the union. And when this happens, guess what… The two are too busy to serve together to notice and even less talk about the fact that they are Twin Flames!

* The cards will not show you how to speed up a reunion with your Twin Flame

The purpose of most requests I have received so far seem to have one goal in common: Speeding up the process of a Twin Flame reunion. 

The truth is that there are only two things you can do: Declare your willingness to serve the Light in this capacity and surrender all that you are and all that you do to that service. Then you wait.

Hence all readings would have the same outcome 🙂

* Once you have surrendered completely to service of the Light, you will know the truth of the other two reasons

Until all lower chakra issues which create karmic bonds with lovers have been dissolved, you will be caught in a pattern of looking for The One from a place of need.

The need itself is not negative or evil; It is a driving force that urges you to form and dissolve relationships at the rate you are learning the attached lessons as well as dissolving the corresponding karma.

Hence, in the period leading up to a Twin Flame relationship, you may find yourself in an almost frenzied state of going from one lover to the next. This is usually followed by a period of healing, self-sufficiency and (re)dedication.

A Twin Flame couple is a beacon of Light in the world. They live, not for each other, but for the Light – in service to humanity. As rare and impossible this may sound, it is happening and the numbers are increasing.

However, Twin Flame love is not for everyone, so it would be wrong to assume that everyone who has awakened and surrendered to their Life Purpose is destined for this type of service.

I hope this makes things a bit clearer. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

Blessed be!