the truth about divine counterparts

The Truth About Divine Counterparts

the truth about divine counterparts

The New Age/modern occult practices are just a revival of the ancient Gnostic deception. After my deliverance from a spirit of python, I no longer stand by what I have shared below. Only Jesus Christ saves. Only the blood of Christ has the power to heal, cleanse of us sin and drive out all wicked spirits. As of 9 January 2023, I only publish Christian content on Angelorum. I am keeping older posts to help people looking for answers in the realm of false light find Jesus.

I could beat around the bush on this but we’re running out of time, my friends. The quote above pretty much sums it up. However, I’ll expand on the concept of ‘divine counterparts’ and how it relates to soul mates and twin flames in the text below.

The term ‘divine counterparts’ has gained popularity in recent years and is an umbrella term for twin flames and (romantic) soul mates. The term can be defined as a soul mate or twin flame that has come into our lives to stay as a partner for life. This match is ‘predestined’ and allegedly carefully orchestrated by our spirit guides and angels so that people can partner up with the right one.

No Predestination?

Does my Tweet mean that I don’t believe in predestined relationships? Absolutely not! But if they are indeed predestined, there is no need at all to search for them. Unfortunately, they are marketed on the massive psychic market as something to keep chasing because, as with soul mate and twin flames in years before popularising the term ‘divine counterpart,’ that’s where the money is.

My own understanding of all three of these terms has evolved. In my Love Dove Tarot days, I was trapped in and perpetuating the illusion of soul mates and twin flames. Some of the Love Tarot Spreads I created then are spreads I would never use now. Please learn from your elders. I only wish I had so that I could have given some of the tougher relationship lessons a miss.

The people who are cashing in from your longing to feel connected know the formula very well: take the emptiness within you and relabel it ‘romantic love.’ It’s so easy to sell these types of psychic services because of the Hollywood brainwashing.

The True Love Formula

There is really one thing you need to find your ‘divine counterpart’ and that is to be the very best version of yourself. To be able to be that person, you first need to know yourself. Self-gnosis is where the Tarot truly excels! When you feel forlorn and hopeless in love, come to me for a reading and we can figure out how you can blossom with a bit of help from our friend the Tarot. When you blossom, potential partners (including the right one for you), will begin to gather.

Obviously, you also need to actively date and meet new people. However, when you are empowered and blossoming in your own life, you can allow yourself to enjoy the process of dating. It will feel 100% like fun and 0% like you’re desperately searching for someone else to fulfill you. Guess which of those two energies is more attractive to a potential partner?

The Hole in Your Soul

As for the mislabeled hole in your soul, there is only one thing that can fill it. Some call that ‘thing’ God and others call it your Higher Self. I’ll leave that bit for you to figure out for yourself.

A relationship with the Divine is not a part-time relationship that you can use to numb your longing for a romantic partner. This is the true meaning of the statement in the Bible that God is a jealous God. To be in a relationship with the Divine means embodying your own divinity 24/7. I can guarantee that when you do this, you will not feel incomplete just because you happen to be single.

It’s insidious how people who are looking to profit from souls feeling empoverished keep inventing new terms. The new term sounds fresh and exciting but means the same thing. Don’t fall for it. Get connected to the Divine! It’s FREE.

For the popular perspective of what divine counterparts are, check out this post on The Hermit Shop blog.


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