the truth about divine counterparts

The Truth About Divine Counterparts

the truth about divine counterparts

Divine counterpart is a term that has gained popularity in recent years. It is an umbrella term for twin flames and (romantic) soul mates. The term can be defined as a soul mate or twin flame that has come into our lives to stay as a partner for life. Divine counterparts are said to be ‘predestined’ and allegedly carefully orchestrated by our spirit guides and angels so that people can partner up with the right one.

Does this sound like a Hollywood romance where there is a sliding door moment, two lovers meet, resolve some drama and then live happily ever after? That is because it is a script-writing formula that rarely plays out the same way in real life. We sometimes miss the sliding door moments and most of us have too much baggage for the happily ever after.

No Predestination?

So are there predestined relationships? Yes, there are. It is true that some soul mates have a soul contract to meet up in a particular incarnation. However, things do not always go to plan because of a little thing known as free will. Additionally, not all souls we have contracts with come into our lives for the purpose of romance. And even the ones that do, don’t necessarily have romance as the primary purpose. Rather, the relationship serves as a vehicle for soul growth for both parties.

My own understanding of all the terms soul mates, twin flames and divine counterparts has evolved (and continues to evolve, hence the rewrite of this post from 2021). In my Love Dove Tarot days, I was trapped in and perpetuating the illusion of romantic soul mates and twin flames. Some of the Love Tarot Spreads I created then are spreads I no longer use for that reason.

The True Love Formula

There is really one thing you need to find your divine counterpart and that is to be the very best version of yourself. To be able to be that person, you first need to know yourself. Self-gnosis is where the Tarot truly excels. Use it as a mirror for the soul until you feel confident that what you are expressing is a reflection of your true essence. When you blossom, potential partners (including the Right One for you), will begin to gather.

Obviously, you also need to actively date and meet new people. However, when you are empowered and blossoming in your own life, you can allow yourself to enjoy the process of dating. It will feel 100% like fun and 0% like you’re desperately searching for someone else to fulfil you. Guess which of those two energies is more attractive to a potential partner?

The Hole in Your Soul

The psychics who use the term divine counterparts to cash in on your longing to feel connected know the script-writing formula very well. So they take the emptiness within you and relabel it as ‘romantic love.’ It’s so easy to sell these types of psychic services because of Hollywood brainwashing.

As for the mislabeled missing other half/divine counterpart, this is the hole in your soul that only Spirit can fill. I’ll leave that bit for you to figure out for yourself. Top tip: start meditating and you will figure it out in no time!

A relationship with the Divine is not a part-time relationship that you can use to numb your longing for a romantic partner. To be in a relationship with the Divine means embodying your own divinity 24/7. I can guarantee that when you do this, you will not feel incomplete just because you happen to be single.

Your Divine Counterpart

But what if you feel deep down within you that you have a divine counterpart or twin flame? Then you need to honour that feeling and go within for answers. Make sure that you are not just projecting a feeling of emptiness or lack of purpose onto what you believe to be your ideal partner.

Divine counterparts and twin flames are real or there wouldn’t be millions of people testifying to it. However, they are rarely anything like the thing so deliciously packaged for marketing purposes.

I did a reading on this and this is what Spirit told me:

Divine counterparts are often separated from each other for most or all of their lives. This happens so that the soul can learn completely new lessons from the family constellation they are born into. Divine counterparts that decide to be apart are by far more common here on earth than the ones that decide to meet up for romance.

Not all divine counterparts incarnate together and not all divine counterparts are a mirror of a human soul aspect. Hence, if you know yourself as a dragon in another dimension or reality, your divine counterpart could be a dragon on the astral plane. Very little here in the third dimension is as it seems!


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  1. Excellent article. I’ve actually not heard the term but it’s ( yet again) a reworking of another term designed to make someone rich.

    Much like what’s going on in the world with all the false narratives being pushed. ( I won’t name them).

    Kahlil Gibran wrote you have to become the task. ( He was referring to daily work but it’s truth with your spiritual practice as well. You can’t just reserve it to Sunday.

    Would I like to be in a relationship? Sure. But, I’m not going to pay money to try and find someone. One day it will happen and I’ll be ready for it. God Willing.

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      Thanks, Tara. You’ll be surprised if you google the term! The hilarious thing is that back in my Love Dove Tarot days, I would have probably jumped on the bandwagon and started using it myself, not realising it was just another sales gimmick. Doh! God bless <3 xoxo

  2. Yes, yes, YAASSSS!!!!! I’m so with you on this.
    I do understand how people get trapped in this thought, as we are all so manipulated through the media in all her forms. And it’s so much easier to keep in our trauma loops than to break out and feel all the grief. But in the end it’s that what sets us free and opens us to love – love for ourselves and the divine.
    Thank you for this wonderful article.

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