Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle Review

the hummingbird wisdom oracle review

Imagine sitting in the garden, on the first properly warm and sunny day in a while. Then imagine doing so after having set the intention for the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse to live more from the heart and experience more joy. And then imagine the postman delivering the Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle. He didn’t even do it in a regular way. He came all the way to where I was sitting in the garden, to hand me the parcel. That has literally never happened before. Would you call that a sign that my intentions are being affirmed by Spirit? I would!

Because to me, the hummingbird is the spirit animal I most connect with joy. And what a joy to receive this deck today of all days! For full disclosure, I received this deck from Red Feather as a review copy. I’m a fan of Yasmeen Westwood’s art so was really excited to learn I was to receive a copy to review. I have her Tarot of Enchanted Dreams and absolutely love it.

So, as you can probably guess, the combination of hummingbird wisdom and Yasmeen’s artwork was a winner before I even had a chance to look through the cards. You can view all of the cards in flip-through video below. I literally couldn’t wait to look at the cards so filmed looking through them for the first time–On the spot, in the garden, within minutes of receiving the deck!

Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle Flip-through to Music

The Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle Box

hummingbird wisdom oracle box

The deck comes in a sturdy flip-top box with a magnetic lid and a lovely lavender ribbon. Red Feather decks always come in good boxes and the magnetic lid is my favourite type of box so I’m very happy with that.

This is what you see when you first open the box:

The Companion Guidebook

The fully illustrated 112-page companion guidebook by Ellen Valladares has the usual card meanings, an affirmation for each card, tips on how to connect with your deck and choose a card, as well as three oracle card spreads. I chose spread number two, the “Divine Nectar” (great name!) four-card spread, and modified it slightly for the deck interview below. At the end of the guidebook, there is also a section on how to work with hummingbird medicine MAGIC. MAGIC stands for Meditation, Appreciate (Yourself), Go Outside, Intuition, and Celebrate.

As an Angel lover, I love that Ellen Valladares mentions connecting with the angelic realm to work with the cards. The angels are sometimes mentioned in the card descriptions as well. I can see how this oracle would work very well with an Angel Journal.

The Cards

The cards are glossy and a bit thinner than I believe I have seen from Red Feather in the past. The edges are plain white. The glossy cardstock is not my favourite but I know plenty of people who prefer it over matte or silky matte.

The artwork is gorgeous. I can get lost in these cards, quite happily! There is so much detail in the cards that I think you’ll pick up on different details for each reading. To me, this is great for the kind of intuitive readings I like to do with oracle cards.

There is a text snippet at the bottom or top of each card and I really like how this is done in the Hummingbird Oracle. It’s discreet and not in your face which means you can allow the image to speak to you first, before checking the oracle text message.

But let’s see what the cards have to say for themselves…

Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle Interview

hummingbird wisdom oracle cards deck interview
  1. What do I need to know about our overall theme for working together?
    Hummingbird Wisdom: (Synergy) We create a beautiful synergy when we work together. You will come out of these readings feeling uplifted and energised. We are a match made in heaven, simply put!
  2. What possible block or challenge do I face when working with you?
    Hummingbird Wisdom: (The Little Things) You need to take your time (rushing a reading is no good!) and look at all the details in the card images. Pay attention to anything that stands out. Contemplate and ruminate on why this caught your eye, whether it is an object or a colour. We like to speak through the little things and help you become more mindful and appreciative of them in your everyday life too.
  3. What other guidance do you have for me about working together?
    Hummingbird Wisdom: (Reflecting Pond) Set the intention to find the beauty within yourself or in the person you are reading for. We can help you do that and this is one reason we are so uplifting.
  4. What else lies ahead on our path of working together?
    Hummingbird Wisdom: (Flying Solo) Trust that our connection is strong enough for you to read with your own interpretations even if they deviate from the meanings in the guidebook. Check in with your intuition first, write down the answer you receive and then get another layer of interpretation from the guidebook.

Thank you so much, Hummingbirds! I truly look forward to working with your wisdom, joy and MAGIC!


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