Santa Muerte Tarot Deck Interview

Santa Muerte Tarot Deck Interview

Santa Muerte Tarot Deck Interview

The Santa Muerte Tarot by Fabio Listrani arrived last week and as some of you recall, I used it for this week’s forecast. I’ve gone back to using one of older deck interview spreads for this reading because it’s the spread that I feel best helps me buddy up with a new deck. Though it was love at first sight with the Santa Muerte Tarot visually speaking (it’s stunning!), I’m not getting that warm feeling which makes the cards sing for me quite yet… So let’s see what these cards have to say for themselves.

Santa Muerte Tarot Deck Interview

Santa Muerte Tarot Deck Interview Reading

1. Describe yourself in three words or less – King of Swords

SMT: logical, analytical, confident

Me: Aha, so maybe that is why I’m getting more a cool feeling when I try to connect with you.

SMT: Most definitely. My agenda is to promote objectivity.


2. How would your best friend describe you using only three words? – 3 of Cups

SMT: Good drinking buddy

Me: Really now?!

SMT: What can I say, he appreciates my dry sense of humour. Admittedly, it’s because he gets silly drunk on about a pint and half.

3. What gift do you bring? – 9 of Swords

SMT: I can help you cut through any anxiety.

Me: Interesting. The 9 of Swords already seems to be a bit of a stalker card in this deck. Would you recommend I meditate with it?

SMT: I would indeed!

4. What do you expect in return? – 10 of Swords

SMT: That you not be afraid to sit with your fear. I promise you will find the objectivity and clarity you need!

Me: Thank you – That’s very reassuring!

5. How can you help me serve? – 2 of Pentacles

SMT: I can help you stay balanced and centred for any important decisions you need to make – Especially with regards to work and health.

Me: Cool!

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself? – The High Priestess

SMT: I’m a bit secretive. Once you get to know me better, you will be better able to form an emotional bond with me.

Me: Great, I’ll just have to be patient then 🙂 Thank you so much for answering my questions!

SMT: You’re welcome!


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