10 Magical Ways to Manifest True Love


Manifesting true love is not a passive process, regardless if the ever-elusive ‘One’ happens to be part of your social group or if you are destined to meet online. Your energy has to match the love vibe and you need to signal to Universe that you are ready to be romantically coupled. Universal Law states that like attracts like, so if you are depressed and your mojo is low, chances are you would miss that special someone even if you bumped into him at the local supermarket (which apparently still happens – not everyone meets online!).

Here are 10 magical ways to get your love mojo flowing

  1. Clear Out the Skeletons: You won’t be able to manifest new love if you’re still hankering after your ex. Energetic cording between you, not only drains you of energy, it acts as an effective barrier to keeping new lovers out. To remedy this you can use the Cord Cutting with the Angels and the Devil spell.
  2. Or… Get Your Ex Back: You may not be ready to give up on your ex quite yet. If you still think you may be in with half a chance of getting him/her back, you need to read The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Bad Break-Up and Getting Your Ex Back.
  3. Call in the Angels of Love: Archangel Anael (pink) for finding new love, Archangel Raphael (green) for heart healing and Archangel Raguel (light blue) to establish harmony in all relationships. Simply relax and breathe in the associated colour to match your desire until it completely fills your aura. Try pink before a night out if you think you have a chance of meeting someone decent or red (Archangel Camael) if you’re just going on the pull (no judgment!).
  4. Light a Love Candle: Pink for new romance, Red to bring passion to a relationship, Green for heart healing and Light Blue for relationship harmony. Invoke one of the Love Goddesses (Venus, Freya, Erzulie, Aine) or one of the Angels of Love mentioned above when lighting the candle. Don’t forget to give thanks for their assistance when you snuff the flame (snuffing rather than blowing is recommended for magical purposes).
  5. Cleanse and Charge a Love Crystal: Rose Quartz is ideal as it strengthens the love vibe universally. It is also one of the easiest crystals to get hold of. Rhodocrosite is also excellent for attracting new love. Go for any of the pink or red crystals you feel drawn to
  6. Cast a Tarot Love Spell: You will find a couple of spells in this article (along with tons more advice for manifesting true love)… 🙂 Don’t be afraid to experiment and adapt the spells to suit you. However, please don’t cast spells to bind a particular person to you – that always backfires!
  7. Take a Magickal Love Bath: Place a piece of rose quartz in the tub, along with some sea salt and a few drops of patchouli. Visualise any blocks to love being drained with the bathwater after you finish your bath and visualise your aura sparkling with pure pink and gold swirling energy.
  8. Buy Yourself Some Pink Roses: Place them in a prominent place and call in the Angels of Love. The angels love pink roses!
  9. Buy Yourself Some Silk Lingerie: Choose colours that reflect your desire.
  10. Learn to Be Happy In Yourself: This is by far the most magical and important thing you can do if you wish to manifest a happy, reciprocal and mutually beneficial love relationship. There is nothing sexier than genuine joie de vivre and self-confidence. It is what we all want in a lover… and to find a lover like that, we also have to BE a lover like that. The journey can seem long and almost impossible at times but ultimately, we all have to complete this journey one way or another. The quicker we manage to reach the tipping point where joy rather than fear becomes our true North (we’re not looking for perfection!), the faster we can find our True Love. Learning the Tarot is most excellent for self-awareness, lasting happiness and confidence building. Check out all these FREE Tarot resources and begin your journey to a happier, more confident YOU today!

Blessed Be!


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