magickal uses for primrose

The Magick of Primrose


magickal uses for primrose

Primrose and cowslip are often mistaken for one another and there is a reason for this: They are so genetically similar (both from the family Primulaceae) that they interbreed without interference or help from humans, resulting in oxlips. But for today, we will focus only on the magick of the common/English primrose (primula vulgaris), seen in the image above.

Primrose Faery Magick

Primroses, being one of the first flowers of spring (prim- means first), open the portal to the realm of the faeries, after the long harsh winter when they like to stay hidden. It is said that the faeries take shelter under the leaves of primroses when the cold february rain is pouring down. Primroses can be used in faery magick spells for beauty and radiance/charisma. Collect the primrose morning dew on Ostara for a potent rejuvenation spell ingredient.

Thorn, Ash and Oak are their favorite trees
So perhaps you could circle the boughs with these:
Some Foxgloves for thimbles, some Thyme for a treat
Bluebells for their magic and logs for a seat!
Plant Primrose and eat them if you dare by the day
and it is said by the evening you’ll glance a few Fey!

Believe in the fairies who make dreams come true.
Believe in the magic from the fairies above,
They dance in the flowers and sing songs of love.
And if you believe and always stay true,
The fairies will be there to watch over you.

According to Irish lore, eating primroses enables you to see faeries and hanging a bouquet on your door is seen as an invitation for faeries to enter and would secure their blessing on your home. However, if you scatter primroses on the ground outside your front door, the faeries are unable to cross over and enter your home.

Primrose in Christian Lore

Keys to Heaven? – in some European countries, primrose is known as they Keys of Virgin Mary and also as St Peter’s Keys. They are hence able to bestow a blessing of grace on anyone in need who is willing to receive it. I won’t leave a guarantee that they will get you into heaven though – that would be utterly irresponsible of me!

Primrose Medicine

Medicinal uses are legion – from curing vertigo (the root), arthritis (the leaves), wounds (salves), muscle spasms and gout, much has been written about the medicinal properties of this humble plant. Traditionally, an infusion of primrose was used to cure hysteria.

Food – Primrose is used to both flavour and colour food and it may be used to make wine. Personally, I have yet to try ingesting primrose and I would love to hear from you in the comments section if you beat me to it! Apparently the leaves can be used in salads and the edible flowers would also make a pretty addition to many dishes. You can also make a herbal infusion of the fresh leaves and/or flowers.

Flower Essence – Apparently, primrose flower essence can help you feel more peaceful and grounded.

Beauty – Apparently, rubbing the leaves on pale cheeks will add colour to them. I’d imagine that to be true of any leaves though, provided you rub hard enough. In Culpepper’s British Herbal, we find the following: “our city dames know well enough the ointment or distilled water of it {primrose} adds to beauty, or at least restores it when it is lost.”

Primrose Angel Magick

Angelic correspondences – Tuning into the essence of this flower, I feel a strong connection to Archangel Jophiel. This would make the perfect flower offering on an altar to Jophiel, the Angel of Beauty. It is also a flower that corresponds strongly with the energy of Azrael and could bring comfort to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Blessed be!


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