The Solitary Witch’s Rede

Solitary Witch



I bide no law but the Law of the Heart.
My coven kith are angels and spirits fair.
Growing in wisdom, honing my Art,
I turn to the East, inhaling the morning Air.
Standing in my power, reaching ever higher
I open my arms to the Sun and greet Fire
Stella Maris, Heaven’s Queen, I am your daughter;
Facing west, I drink in the love of your sacred Water.
Accepting this form, I honour my blood and birth.
Blessed by kin to serve mankind, I kiss the Earth.
Surrendering completely to Father Sky above,
I behold the Light of Spirit descend like a dove.
What I send out comes back to me;
This holds true and is clear to see,
I need no law of three times three.
My rede is my own, I do not take part –
I bow to none and I trust my heart!


Blessed Be!