Doreen Virtue soliciting for the rescue ranch on day of Jesus Vision

Doreen Virtue Refunds Angelologists Course and Can Afford to Keep Rescue Ranch???

Doreen Virtue refunds - proof of soliciting for the rescue ranch on day of Jesus Vision

Angelologist Course Refunds

It’s been a weird week. At the start of it, I had no intention whatsoever to blog about Doreen Virtue three times in one week. In fact, I had no plans of blogging about her at all. But then one weird thing after another started happening. The latest news I have found out and feel obliged to pass along is that Doreen Virtue now refunds students who are not happy with the Certified Angelologists course, after having spent the past 6 months refusing refunds. I found this out thanks to one of the lovely readers of my blog who left the comment below:

Doreen Virtue Refunds Certified Angeologist Course

Try this email address for your refund reuqests if you purchased your course from the Angel Therapy site or directly on the Angelologists site:

I have been told this is the email address that Hay House customer care has given out lately for courses not bought directly from them.

You may also wish to email Michael Virtue directly. In the past when I dealt with ‘customer care’ for Doreen’s sites they always said they would forward the emails to him, so you might as well try going straight to the top:

Many Angelologist students will want refunds not just because they are unhappy with the course material but because the money for that course was supposed to keep Doreen’s rescue animals in their forever home. You can read the announcement from September last year where Doreen Virtue announces that she and Michael ‘cannot afford’ to keep the rescue ranch HERE. I’ve also added a screenshot of this announcement below since evidence tends to missing after I have blogged or posted about it:

Michael and Doreen claim they are too poor to keep rescue ranch

Speaking of things going missing. The interview that West Hawaii Today did with Doreen and Michael miraculously reappeared after I pulled some strings. Many people commented on the republished article. The comments all agree on a need for accountability, both with regards to where the animals actually went when the sanctuary was dissolved and also with regards to what happened with all the donated funds and course fees that were supposed to keep the rescue animals safe in their forever home.

Rescue Ranch Still Operational?

Doreen Virtue, in her traditional knee-jerk fashion, did not disappoint with her response. She commented without referencing my post or the newspaper article in this video (around 15 minute mark). Apparently she and Michael kept the ranch and have hired two caretakers to look after all the birds (chickens, ducks, peacocks and turkeys) that have not been rehomed.

Wait what?!

She goes from claiming that all animals had been safely rehomed to claiming the birds are now still on the ranch which they supposedly could not afford to keep?

This ranch is up for sale, something Doreen forgets to mention in her ‘Mornings with the Lord’ video. So what happens to the birds if the ranch is sold tomorrow? Why is she only now revealing that so many of the animals were never safely rehomed? Maybe the birds don’t count. Do the new owners have to buy the birds too?

Do Millionaires Need Help with Their Charity Work?

What is  obvious is that if Doreen and Michael could afford to move to a million dollar mountain view home, not unlike this, while still owning the ranch, then they could have afforded to keep the rescue ranch animals too. In fact, let’s face it, they never needed people on low income to help donate for the upkeep of these animals. It is well documented that Doreen Virtue is a multimillionaire and owner of multiple properties. Had she not mistreated her pre-conversion students and followers, she would probably still be with Hay House, continuing to earn millions in royalties annually – very much still on the cards when they claimed to be ‘too poor’ to keep the animal sanctuary.

So let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at the video Doreen posted on the day of her Jesus vision, 7 January, 2017… (ETA: This is a replacement video. Doreen Virtue deleted the original video not long after this article went live.)

The video ends with a message that funnels the viewer to the Earth Angel site – the site that was used to solicit illegally for donations (see screenshot at top of post). Did the ‘real Jesus’ approve of Doreen soliciting for donations for a non-registered charity? Is the ‘real Jesus’ happy that Doreen is still lying about the real reason for giving up the rescue animals? Is the ‘real Jesus’ behind Doreen finally giving refunds to Angelologists students who feel lied to and betrayed… Or is that a decision she made after Hay House dropped her and she realised she had to start building a solid business reputation? ETA July 2018: Sadly this refund seems to have been a one off. More reports have come in of refused refunds, even for courses not yet begun.

Speaking of business decisions. Doreen is going to stop doing her Mornings with the Lord videos and she is moving the daily Bible study videos to Vimeo, a monetized platform. Her numbers have been dropping steadily on Facebook. Are more and more people starting to see the truth? I hope so. The great thing for Doreen if she wants to continue poor mouthing on Vimeo is that her loyal followers can click directly on the ‘tip jar’ button – How convenient!