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Ghislaine Maxwell, Debbie Harry, Satanic Pedophiles & Tarot

red shoes

The Arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell

Learning about the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell yesterday was a real answer to prayer, prayers that began back in March-April, around the time it began to dawn on me that we were being taken over by the NWO. At the start of this week, I blogged about the 666 sign I received on the 20th of March for these events. Only two days later (yesterday), I learned that though the enemy has been hugely successful in some aspects, other parts of his empire are now beginning to crumble.

The good part about the elite pedo networks starting to unravel other than, of course, lots and lots of children being rescued, is that the enemy won’t be able to feed on the fear and terror of those victims to the same extent. This will weaken him. This is no time to begin slacking off in our prayers, however; the battle is still raging and if you want to know what specifics to pray for, watching Out of Shadows is not a bad place to start, especially now that Facebook has banned searches on the hashtag #pizzagate.

Incidentally, the Out of Shadow movie was ‘shadow banned’ on YouTube (ironic considering the name, I know) from day one but still managed to get something like 10 million views in the first week.

The Great Awakening

Only yesterday, I had a Facebook friend ask about Pizzagate and I sent him to because it’s tricky to explain the topic in just a few short sentences. So I’m doing what I can to help people wake up, but I don’t want people to just wake up to the horrors of the NWO and its Cabal being a cult of Satanic pedophiles; I want them to wake all the way up to the reality that there is a higher power, and also to the fact that Satan has already been defeated by the precious blood of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The battle may still be raging but the ultimate victory is in the hand of our Lord.

What we as believers need to do now is to continue the fight to protect the innocents, as well as to make sure that as many people as possible are saved through the redemptive power of faith in Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of the Father, whom God sent to Earth to die for our sins. None of us are perfect, all of us have sinned, so all of us are in need of redemption if we wish to spend eternity with God who is HOLY.

Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall

Remember how everyone who is fighting the good fight keeps repeating, “Symbolism will be their downfall.” Honestly, they can’t help themselves. Everything they do is ritualized and portrayed through symbolism. Learn their language, learn their favourite numbers, symbols and colours and everything will be immediately apparent.

Only yesterday, I had a Twitter follower ask me about the Tarot. He said he has been following Christ for a while and wondered if the Tarot was really all that bad or even harmful at all. In my From Tarot to the Truth Testimony, I go into detail about how I found out that the Tarot is truly evil and a tool of the enemy but I feel this image of Debbie Harry that showed up in my Twitter feed yesterday sums it up much more succinctly:

debbie harry satanic pedophiles tarot and the arrest of ghislaine maxwell

Tarot Numerology

Black, white and red are the favourite colours of the Satanists. No need to wear red here though. Instead, we have the numerical representation of a blood sacrifice in the number 13 (Death). The upside-down cross is self-explanatory (no, it’s not a Petrine cross for andy of you Catholics out there). The number 78 most likely represents the Tarot.

As someone who started her occult career with Numerology at the tender age of 10, I now feel a bit sheepish about the numerological connection for 78, the total number of cards in a Tarot deck, not being immediately apparent to me (7+8=15=The Devil). But then I was blind and only through the grace of the Holy Spirit is more and more of God’s truth being revealed to me.

Pressing for Truth

It’s a process, folks. If God would have shown me all of it, all at once, I may not have been able to cope. It’s hard enough as it is sometimes, watching God’s truth unfold and understanding the depth of my own delusion.

For a very long time, the people who tried to raise alarm about the Satanists and all those hundreds of thousands of children going missing every year were ridiculed by the MSM. This should come as no surprise, considering who owns the MSM. It has been a long, uphill battle for people like Wilfred Wong, Jon Wedger and Shaun Attwood to highlight and bring to the public’s attention what the Elite Satanic Pedophiles have been up to for a very long time.

Thankfully, people are beginning to wake up now, in spite of MSM, and the arrest of Ms Maxwell brought further opportunity to help people awaken. However, the enemy is fighting back with social media censorship, especially on Franken-run Fakebook. Only… the more they tighten the screws, the harder it will be for them to hide the fact that they are working really hard at hiding the truth.

The elite may have spent the last few decades dumbing people down with Television, vaccines, and fluoridated water but we’re not all as dumb as they’d like us to be.

Anno Domini 2020

For me, this year has been the hugest blessing. Who else can say that about 2020? When everything was ‘normal’ and ticking along, when we are all complaining about Brexit, these evil child murderers had free reign and nobody questioned where all the missing children went. Now they are shivering in their boots and sweating buckets, even they ones that claim they don’t sweat (*cough* Andrew *cough*).

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather know the truth so I can side with the people who are, in fact, telling the truth. Wouldn’t you rather know the truth too, so you can help protect the innocent children. And wouldn’t you rather know that when we pray for them, God sends his angels to protect them.

My journey back to the Christian faith all started with praying for the innocent victims of these Satanist pedophiles. I fasted and got back into God’s Word, and the weirder the world kept getting, the deeper I dove into His Word, because everything that is happening now is foretold and God’s promises still hold true. When you know how the Good Book ends, you don’t need to live in fear anymore. But you do need to repent and turn away from the the flesh, the world and the devil, eyes firmly fixed on Jesus Christ.