Psychic Development

The Psychic Development Tarot Spread

Psychic Development

Based on the Psychic Development article published earlier, I have created a Tarot spread for insights into your personal psychic development journey.

Spend a few minutes clearing your mind with some deep breaths before doing a reading with the Psychic Development Tarot Spread. Banish all judgment and self-criticism and resolve to stay open to whatever guidance comes through. There is always room for improvement for all of us.

Journal your reading in your Tarot journal or Book of Shadows and revisit it after 6-8 weeks.

The Psychic Development Tarot Spread

1. The Gift

This card represents your inherent psychic ability or potential. It reflects the unique gift or strength that you already possess within you. Don’t let a seemingly negative card in this position get you down. It just means that you need to pay close attention to the card in position 2. This is the card that will turn the negative into a positive.

2. The Key

This card reveals what you must do to unlock the gift you already possess. Perhaps it is about the courage to speak your truth and share your vision with the world, for instance. Or maybe it is about studying and honing your craft.

3. Nurture Intuition

This card helps you understand how to nurture your intuition. Alternatively, it can show you what you must steer clear of to stay connected to your intuition. For instance, the Page of Wands in this position can be a sign that you best nurture your intuition through playfulness. And if the 5 of Swords shows up here, maybe you need to stay away from doomscrolling and getting into arguments online.

4. Your Main Clair

Read with card one for how to best express and develop your psychic gifts and abilities further.

Claircognisance can be shown in the Suit of Wands, Clairaudience in the Suit of Swords, Clairsentience in the Suit of Cups and Clairalience/Clairgustance in the Suit of Pentacles. The Majors can indicate Clairvoyance.

However, sometimes Numbers take on greater prominence than the Suit Elements, especially if they are repeating. There is no need to limit yourself to fixed Tarot card meanings for this. If you have a dominant clair, you most likely know what it is so look for confirmation.

5. Message from Spirit Guides

This card serves as a direct message from your spirit guides. It provides guidance, encouragement, or any important messages related to your psychic development. You can use an oracle card from an oracle that resonates with your chosen Path in this position if you prefer.

6. Potential Growth

This card represents the potential expansion of your psychic abilities in the near future. It can be helpful to have a set timeframe for this position of about 6-8 weeks. Revisiting the spread after that to check on this outcome will cement your trust in your intuitive and psychic abilities.

7. Advice for Further Psychic Development

This card offers guidance on how to continue developing your psychic abilities. It suggests practices, methods, or areas of focus that can assist you in your journey. For instance, The Lovers in this position could be a spirit guide nudging you to team up.

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