the fortune-telling experiment

The Fortune-telling Experiment Tarot Spread

the fortune-telling experiment

I woke up with the inspiration to create the tarot spread I’m about to share with you today: The Fortune-telling Experiment Tarot Spread. You may be wondering if it is even possible to see around the bend. Can you predict the future, pick up on incoming events or a new person coming into your life? Well, it is possible and if you’re any good at it, you can make a living from it. So how do you get from being a Tarot beginner to charging for divination services?

You test yourself regularly. And no, this Tarot spread that I’m about to share with you is not the only way to test yourself. As long as you use a journal to document your readings and your daily draw, you can analyse your progress.

However, journalling this Fortune-telling Experiment Tarot Spread on a weekly, ongoing basis is one of the best ways I can think of. I did my first reading in 1985. This is the Tarot spread that I wish I’d known about back then.

If you practice weekly with this Tarot spread, it will take you from beginner to intermediate in about three months. I also recommend doing your daily draw and relating each card to the main theme in your week ahead reading. First, look at the card in its own right and take some notes. Then make some notes about how you feel it relates to the weekly theme card. This way, you keep the week ahead reading fresh in your mind throughout the week.

Why a Weekly Spread for This Experiment?

A week at the time is short enough to not be overwhelming. You can keep the reading fresh in your memory without straining yourself. It also makes it easier to evaluate your progress for learning purposes. Though, for sure, you can choose another time frame if you prefer. The important part is to remain consistent.

You may, for instance, wish to do two of these readings in a week: one for Mon-Fri and a second spread for the weekend. However, I recommend sticking to doing a weekly reading. This is a heavy-duty spread, packed with information and you don’t want to put yourself in a state of guidance overwhelm.

So make a weekly date with yourself and create sacred space for the reading. See it as a time for self-care, contemplation and reflection. This is not a mundane practice since seeing the future requires the opening of the higher chakras. Treat it as the sacred experience it is and always set the intention to only channel through information for the Highest Good.

The Fortune-telling Experiment Tarot Spread

  1. Main theme in the week ahead
  2. General guidance regarding this theme
  3. Focus less on this regarding the theme
  4. Focus more on this regarding the general theme
  5. An upcoming event or influx of energy I need to be aware of (Make notes on both possibilities but try to discern if it is more of an event or an energy shift)
  6. How this upcoming event relates to the main theme
  7. General guidance regarding this event
  8. Focus less on this to make the most of the incoming energy
  9. Focus more on this to make the most of the event/energy
  10. BONUS CARD 1: This is ending in the week ahead (Only use the final two cards if it’s not likely to cause overwhelm. An alternative use of this card is Shadow/Plot Twist)
  11. BONUS CARD 2: This is beginning now (You can use this card as a bonus ‘Outcome’ card regarding the upcoming event if you prefer)

While a specific event is easier to evaluate, not every week is going to bring something for you to evaluate this way. But every week will bring a shift in energy. Pay attention right at the start of the week and see what you notice. Do this without using the cards and just by tuning in. You can even request your spirit team to fine-tune your antenna for this purpose.

Please be aware that sometimes this shift can be more subtle. So stay alert. Mainly though, when the cards point more to an energy shift than to an event, it will be about a bigger energy shift, often one that concerns the collective.

Fortune-telling Experiment Tarot Reading with the Witches Tarot

  1. Main theme5 of Pentacles: An opportunity to heal/clear poverty consciousness.
  2. General guidance10 of Pentacles: Think much longer-term and focus on building your legacy.
  3. Focus less on thisKing of Cups (Pisces): Emotional concerns and attachments to what you have done in the past. Surrender it all and trust that it’s for the highest good.
  4. Focus more on thisQueen of Pentacles (Capricorn): Put your energy where it can produce tangible and useful results.
  5. An upcoming event or influx of energy I need to be aware ofThe Sun: This feels like a return of more confidence in myself and my work.
  6. How this upcoming event relates to the main theme 4 of Cups: I have been too mired in negativity and despair about my situation to see the opportunities. This is about to change.
  7. General guidance regarding this event2 of Pentacles: Keep putting one foot in front of the other and expanding your horizons, always believing new possibilities and opportunities will come your way.
  8. Focus less on this8 of Wands: There is no need for speed. Don’t panic, you’ve got this. The foundations have been laid so stay focused.
  9. Focus more on this2 of Swords: Carefully discern how to spend your days and the kinds of habits that keep you on track for seeing more opportunities.
  10. BONUS 1 This is ending in the week ahead The World: An opportunity to master lessons and finally graduate from the poverty consciousness classroom.
  11. BONUS 2 This is beginning now The Lovers: Better choices regarding your growth mindset and mental focus. More loving and supportive relationships.


In conclusion, the Fortune-telling Experiment Tarot Spread is a powerful tool for Tarot beginners and enthusiasts alike who wish to enhance their divination skills and gain confidence in predicting the future. By practising this weekly spread and documenting the readings in a journal, you can analyse your progress and evolve from a beginner to an intermediate level in just three months.

It is important to approach this practice with a sacred mindset, creating a space of self-care, contemplation, and reflection. By setting the intention to channel information for the highest good and staying consistent with the weekly readings, you can tap into your intuition and develop a deeper connection with the Tarot.

Remember to stay alert to subtle shifts in energy and approach each reading with an open mind and heart. I hope you enjoy working with the Fortune-telling Experiment Tarot Spread and feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. Happy divination!

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  1. Hello Lisa,

    Im making a start on this practice now and have pulled my first set of cards. I will keep it in my bujo and see how I go on. I hope putting it in my bujo will make me do it every week lol

    Thanks Lisa

    1. Post

      Hi Jan, Awesome! I’ll be doing it weekly too! It would be kind of fun to have a group for this to share and check in but I don’t think I have time to start another FB group now. 😛

  2. I didn’t agree with him about the tarot either but he is a self proclaimed recovering Catholic. lol. No, I don’t know anything about TABI.
    Is it a website? I’d like to look into it. Ironically I have been seeing 7:07 everywhere I go and especially in the evening.
    When I researched it, I learned it means I have to dedicate myself more to the spiritual meaning and destiny the universe has set out for me.

    And now you’re mentioning TABI. Definitely going to look into it. There are days I feel my gifts are not being used properly and this is a sign to “get it together”.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Post

      The site URL is – I just had a browse to see if they still have the mentorship programme but I didn’t manage to find it. It seems they may have replaced it with the intermediate tarot course they are now offering but maybe that could be an alternative?

      1. Thanks again Lisa. I’ll check it out.. As I’m writing this, a beautiful Swallowtail butterfly just flew past my window. 🙂

        1. Post
  3. thank you for this informative spread. I vacillate between wanting to do pro readings and thinking I’m not good enough.

    I’ll practice with this spread and see how much I grow with it.

    By the way, I found a youtuber this past Sunday, John of New. I binge watched several videos of his and I kept thinking of you. In fact, he reminded me of a male version of you.

    Today, I found a video entitled “The downfall of Doreen Virtue” and who do I see commented with 25 likes? Yes, it was you. Lol! Made me smile !

    Do you subscribe to his channel? If not, you should check out some of his videos. He has a lot of insight. I enjoy getting different perspectives.

    1. Post

      Loving the synchronicity, Tara! Yes, I’m subscribing to John of New now. I like a lot of his stuff but I didn’t agree with what he said about the Tarot and the way he sees it only as crutch for information to come through from Spirit. It is so much more than that. It’s a map for life and a mirror for the soul.

      Glad you like the spread and I hope it serves you well. Have you thought of joining TABI and doing practice readings through their endorsement program? It’s free with membership and membership is only £10 per annum (or at least it was when I last checked). I went through this process back in 2007 if I remember correctly and was an endorsed free reader with them for a while after that. I still refer people to them who ask for free readings since students always need new people to practise on. TABI gave me the confidence I needed to go pro. With 25 practice readings with feedback from both the client and my mentor under my belt, I felt ready to spread my wings.

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