Week Ahead Messages 7-13 April

Week Ahead Messages 7-13 April

Happy Fri-yay, my friends! Hope you had a good week. For the week ahead messages, I’m working with the Morgan Greer Tarot and the Alchemy stones (OOP). General Spirit guidance is from the Oracle of the Unicorns this week (CLICK HERE for a review of this oracle deck).

Before scrolling down to the reveal, you need to allow your inner guidance help you pick a number between 1-3 above for your individual combined Tarot & Alchemy Stones message. Take a couple of deep breaths and allow any tension to leave your body through the soles of your feet. Close your eyes and feel your connection to Mama Earth. Invoke whatever forces you like to call on for guidance. When you feel grounded and centred, open your eyes and allow your intuition to guide you to the number that has the most relevant message for your week ahead.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Do you believe in magic? Magic belongs to all of us. To children it comes naturally because they have not yet learned how to limit themselves. As adults, we sometimes need a bit of a boost to start believing in that power within once more.

The unicorns are asking you to contemplate how you can start feeling the magic of life once more on a day-to-day basis in the week ahead.

Can you name three things that help you connect with the magic within? Can you list three actions that will help you harness more of this miracle power for yourself?

It is likely that at least one of these things will be something that takes you back to Nature and/or helps you spend more time in Her arms. Childlike joy and a perennial sense of wonder at the miracle of life belongs to those who hearts are open to magic and unseen realms.

Tarot & Alchemy Stones Week Ahead Messages Reveal

Week Ahead Messages 7-13 April Reveal

You chose Stone & Tarot card combination number 1

Saturn with the 4 of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn). This is a great week to discard any bad habits when it comes to finances or spending. Get your ducks in a row and put off any major purchases until you have a bit more stability. Come up with a plan for the rest of the year that helps you maintain control over your finances.

Saturn demands accountability. This week may have a bit of a heavy feel to it when it comes to some aspects of your life but know that you are supported in this process and that meeting your responsibilities with grace and dignity is what will help you ‘level up’ and prepare you for a position of leadership. If you aspire to inspire, your own house must be in order first.

Affirmation: My boundaries are firm and I work with the Divine to created stability.

You chose Stone & Tarot card combination number 2

Ouroboros with the 8 of Cups (Saturn in Pisces). If you have been wondering if a certain situation is sustainable and/or worth your time and energy, this is your answer: It’s time to move on.

The restlessness (or even exasperation) you feel now comes from your inner guidance/wisdom that this situation has served its purpose and it is time to move. Perhaps you have been clinging to hope out of pride or bloodymindedness. Whatever the reason, it is time to let go completely and embrace the new adventure that is waiting for you.

A word of caution though: if you are thinking about leaving a relationship, make sure you are not the source of the problems you now seek to escape. Sort yourself out or you will repeat this pattern in the next relationship.

Affirmation: I let go and move on.

You chose Stone & Tarot card combination number 3

Initiate and the 6 of Cups (Sun in Scorpio) speak of a soul mate relationship. This concerns a new relationship or a new phase in a relationship with a soul mate. You are being invited to go deeper and to open your heart completely to the other person.

You have come together for a reason that is much deeper than that of love and/or friendship. Your paths have crossed for reasons written into the web of fate yet to be revealed. This person will impact your life and emotions deeply so that you can learn and grow. The relationship, though precious and important, is not the end goal – This relationship acts as a portal for soul alchemy and to facilitate initiation to higher levels of awareness.

Affirmation: I am open to deeper levels of intimacy and the change they bring.

Have a great weekend, my friends!



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