Week Ahead Pick a Pile Tarot Readings 4-12 November

Week Ahead Pick a Pile Tarot Readings

Week Ahead Pick a Pile Tarot Readings 4-12 November

Happy FriYay, my friends! Hope you’ve had a happy Halloween week. This year has been the least ‘halloweeny’ I’ve felt in a long time. I literally just wanted a quiet night in with my Spirit Team and ancestors. No decorations and sweets were definitely off the menu since I’m on a low carb diet these days for health reasons. It was bliss!

If you haven’t tried either of these (healing your bloodline & mediumship) seasonally themed Tarot spreads yet, it’s not too late!

For the week ahead readings this week, we are working with the Legacy of the Divine Tarot and the brand spanking new Quantum Oracle (CLICK HERE for the review + deck interview).

As usual, this works best  if you set the intent to receive Spirit guidance for the coming week and then relax, ground and centre before making your selection among the three piles of Tarot and oracle cards above.

Pile 1

Week Ahead Pick a Pile Tarot Readings 4-12 November Pile 1

You are feeling strongly guided to begin moving in a new direction in one important area in your life right now. You’ve had some time to reflect and tune into your inner guidance. You can trust your intuition that it is time to move on but you must brace yourself. Problem-solving will be needed as you begin to take steps forward.

Some of the circumstances needed for this new direction to work out for you are not quite in place yet. You may still feel the sting of past betrayal. Just don’t let that inform any decisions you make about the future. Start taking steps in the direction you feel guided to move in and trust that the resolutions will appear when the time is right.

It will be so because this this is a Spirit-guided move. Your faith is being tested along the way. Keep a positive focus and don’t be afraid to try a new approach. You are stepping into unknown territory this week, so stay brave!

Pile 2

Week Ahead Pick a Pile Tarot Readings 4-12 November Pile 2

Watch out for MASSIVE change happening in the week ahead. A secret will be revealed and someone will (finally) reveal their true intentions  or agenda.

This big reveal may have a slightly discombobulating effect on you. Don’t let it lead to analysis paralysis. Trust your gut on the best way forward here and take action. Chances are that you are so in tune with the actual truth that the reveal may not come as such a big shock for you. On a feeling level, you already know what motivates this person.

Now that you know that they know that you know (lol!) you’ll have to come up with a different game plan though. It’s time to start communicating in a more direct way. Don’t allow yourself to get trapped if the other person tries to slip back into politics even after their mask has slipped! Truth is power. Use it wisely.

Pile 3

Week Ahead Pick a Pile Tarot Readings 4-12 November Pile 3

Oh my, what a passionate and romantic week you have in store! It’s Mercury retrograde season and here we have a classic example of someone coming back into your life – possibly from a far distant past.

They have changed rather a lot (as have you) and you can begin to relate on a more mature / responsible level this time around. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out how much you still have in common in spite of having been separated for such a long time and doing such an awful lot of growing up.

This reconnection is something to build on, whether you aim to allow them into your life as a romantic partner or not. It’s definitely happening for a reason and if you can make sense of that reason, your life will be more beautiful for it! In addition to having crossed paths before in this lifetime, it’s likely that this person is a soulmate (i.e. someone you have a past life connection with).

Love & Light,

Lisa Frideborg