week ahead 23-19 march pick-a-pile tarot and rune readings

Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Forecasts 23-29 March

Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Forecasts 23-29 March

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to all my UK friends! I hope you are all well, have all you need and are staying safe during the lockdown. For this weekly forecast we are working with the Hidden Realm Tarot *** and the first set of pine runes I made. The second set will be offered as a raffle prize (watch out for the newsletter on how to enter).

In these uncertain times, self-care is more important than ever. The temptation to throw your normal wellbeing routine out the window may be almost overwhelming but sticking with it (or even tweaking it) will serve you much better. Do NOT let fear and chaos win!

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Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Forecasts 23-29 March

You are riddled with temptation to focus only on the negative this week. This is not strange at all considering the current global climate. However, if you are able to raise your vibration so that you are not blind to the opportunities, a WONDERFUL opportunity will present itself to you in the week ahead.

This opportunity is not limited to the physical realm (Ace of Pentacles) but can bring a genuine break-through that leads to awakening (Dagaz). Whenever the temptation to quit or give in to negativity is the strongest, that is when you are the closest to a break-through. Just bear that in mind this week so that you can make the choice that serves you the best long-term.

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Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Forecasts 23-29 March

This is NOT going to be an easy week, my friend. You’ll find yourself in the ‘pressure cooker’ metaphorically speaking. You may even ask yourself if you have a future at all with all the things that are seemingly going wrong in your life right now. I want you to remember these words by Marylin Monroe:

…and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Ansuz holds the key to rebuilding your world now, after the Tower has come tumbling down. Ansuz is the ancient wisdom of the gods and ancestors that you must now integrate in order to not just survive but to (eventually) thrive. Meditate and read spiritually uplifting texts if and when you can. Spend time in prayer and connecting with Nature. This too shall pass…

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Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Forecasts 23-29 March

You’re hacking the Matrix this week by realising how absolutely CRUCIAL it is to focus on your own happiness levels. That is not only how you survive the general chaos of the situation – It is how you keep your immunity strong. The more time you spend being absolutely in the MOMENT, the better!

This week, you do well to trust your gut and simply keep doing the things that bring you the most joy. Uruz is a sign that you have the strength to meet any challenges that present themselves now and together with The Fool, it means that you can trust your soul’s inborn GPS system.

That doesn’t mean you should leave cunning at the door. The 7 of Swords is a sign that there will be specific times this week when you will have to apply all the cunning you possess in order to navigate certain challenges. But for making choices in the moment, you can absolutely trust your intuition now – It is stronger than ever and it will guide you to the happiest possible outcome, so let your inner child guide you and all will be well!

Blessed be!


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  1. Thank you Lisa. I picked #2 and yes, it is so accurate! My world is falling apart. I was standing by the river yesterday and thought, ‘what is there to live for – there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of a very, very long tunnel. I am not feeling suicidal, just in a blue mood. It will get better – it always does.

    1. Post

      Thanks for the feedback, Lynn. It’s important to give ourselves time to grieve all the changes happening now, so you’re right on track. Yes… It will get better, hang in there and stay safe!

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