Week Ahead Pick a Card Tarot Readings 28 October - 3 October

Week Ahead Pick a Card Tarot Readings

Week Ahead Pick a Card Tarot Readings 28 October - 3 October

Hello my friends, I hope you are well and looking forward to the New Moon in Scorpio on Monday. This week you are being treated to two pick-a-pile readings, in honour of the upcoming New Moon.

For this passionate lunation, I felt guided to create a themed love and romance Tarot reading. Hop on over to YouTube for your IMMORTAL BELOVED pick-a-pile readings, if this is something that tickles your interest! (See text box below video for the correct time stamp for your chosen pile.)

For this week’s weekly forecast, we are working with the Shadowscapes Tarot and the Guardian Angel Oracle.***

Take a moment, relax and let go of any tension. Ground and centre your energy and then make your selection from the three piles above.

Pile 1

At the start of the week, you may feel in need of some comforting, as well as some peace and quiet. Go easy on yourself on the actual day of the New Moon as you are likely to be quite impacted by this lunation. Think of some self-care things to do on Monday in particular. Call on Archangel Raphael for any healing needs you have.

Later on this week, the energy shifts and you start feeling much stronger. Now it’s your turn to be the comforter. Who in your life is need of some more fun and games? You’ve got what it takes to bring that energy into their life! This will also feel hugely rewarding to you, so a total win-win!

Pile 2

This New Moon week is going to shake things up for you. You will no longer be satisfied with the status quo, especially where work is concerned and this is because your values are shifting now. You are likely to feel a stronger need to express yourself creatively. This will be true even if you do not necessarily consider yourself to be a creative or artsy type of person. There are many ways to be creative – Cooking is only one example!

Call on Archangel Uriel to help you align with your true creative self-expression and begin digging where you stand. How can you bring more creativity to the work you are doing now? Think about what you are for and how you can begin showing the world this in a way that inspires others. The world needs your light. It’s time to overcome any self-doubt you have now. Start small if you don’t feel you have the resources to go straight for your big dream. Success is all about just taking those first steps!

Pile 3

Has there been conflict in your life involving family recently? Has this conflict caused a lot of pain and confusion for the parties involved? Not to worry. The angels know all about it and are on standby to administer healing as soon as you ask for help and forgiveness.

Sometimes we may have to be the first to apologise even when we feel that we’re not the one who is in the wrong. It will be worth it in the longer term in this instance. If you humble yourself and offer that olive branch, peace can be restored – Peace that will benefit future generations!

Dark Moon Blessings,


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