week ahead reading

Week Ahead Reading

The Angel Oracle and the Ancient Italian Tarot

How are you feeling, my friend? It’s been another tumultuous week and the year has barely got off the ground yet. Are you hanging in there? Or maybe you are doing really well…? Maybe you have reached that point of maturity where your wellbeing is no longer mainly dependent on outside circumstances.

Week Ahead Message from the Angelic Realm

Maturity is a theme for the week ahead. The Angel Oracle brings us the Hermit-like Guardian Angel of Maturity. What I love about this image is that not only is he shining his light, he’s carrying a trumpet. When we reach a certain point of maturity, we’re no longer afraid of making ourselves heard. We stop adapting our voice and self-expression to please others. Peak maturity is reached when our only concern is to please God.

The Guardian Angel of Maturity is looking to the future and pondering what manner of legacy he will leave behind. He is counting the cost and moving forward in full awareness of the sacrifices that he will need to make. But he also knows that when he is moving forward in full alignment with his calling, he will be fully supported on this path and all his needs will be met.

Angelic Week Ahead Tarot Reading

The Tarot cards accompanying the Guardian Angel of Maturity are the 2 of Swords, The Star and the 5 of Pentacles, rendering a quint of 24/6 The Lovers. The emphasis with the 2 of Swords + The Lovers is that we need to make a mature choice this week, one that brings us into harmony with our Essence and calling.

Making this choice might make you fret about finances (5 of Pentacles) but deep down, you know you can trust your inner guidance and the fact that Spirit has your back. Carefully budget for the forseeable future and know that further down the line will sort itself out – That’s the promise of The Star!

The Star also promises that once you set out on this path, you will feel much more inspired and alive again. You will find your vitality and youthfulness once more, no matter what your age. Feeling old and tired really is a state of the mind, as is feeling young and inspired. Choose wisely and you will realise that maturity can bring you renewed vigor.

Pick-A-Pile Readings for the Week Ahead

The individual pick-a-pile readings for the week starting 17 January are with the Golden Tarot of the Tsar. They tie in thematically with the reading above and hone in more specifically on your path and the choice you need to make next. These pick-a-pile readings are subscriber exclusives, so please sign up today to not miss out. The readings will land in your inbox on Sunday