20-26 November 2022 Tarot and Oracle Week Ahead Guidance

20 – 26 November Week Ahead Guidance

20 - 26 November Week Ahead Tarot and Oracle Guidance

Hello friends, I hope the week has treated you well and that you are looking forward to the weekend. Next week, we have the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius. Followed by the Sag New Moon on the 23rd. Let’s prepare for the week ahead Tarot and Oracle guidance for 20 – 26 November 2022. We are working with the Angels and Ancestors Oracle and the Gilded Tarot for this week’s reading. See the image above.

Important Astro dates this week:

  • 20 November – Sun in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Pisces (trust your intuition)
  • 21 November – Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct Venus in Sagittarius (inspiration flows)
  • 22 November – Sun enters Sagittarius (festive season begins!)
  • 23 November – New Moon in Sagittarius
  • 23 November – Jupiter stations direct in Pisces (great for artistic self-expression)
  • 24 November – Moon conjunct Venus in Sagittarius (embrace new ideas and philosophies)
  • 25 November – Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus (express yourself with authenticity/gravitas)

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20 – 26 November Tarot and Oracle Guidance

As we enter Sagittarius Season this week, the Knight shows up as a defender of our faith. We are reminded that we never need to get defensive about our beliefs. If our faith is true, it will defend us. We do not need to defend it.

All we need to worry about is authenticity. Is what we express as our faith what we actually believe deep down? Or are we copying what everybody else is doing? Is it more important that what we share looks good on Instagram than our practice actually being able to nourish our souls?

The Sun together with the Knight is about truthfulness, clarity and courageous self-expression. These are all qualities that go well with Saggie Season themes. The week ahead is a good week for learning more and going deeper into our faith, as well as sharing what we learn with others.

Challenges in the week ahead

The King of Cups relates to Pisces energy. Jupiter, the traditional ruler of both Pisces and Sagittarius stations direct on the 23rd. This relates to finally being able to expand creatively in ways that feel soulful. We have spent a lot of time during Scorpio Season in self-examination mode. Now is the time to begin moving forward and expanding outward once more.

But where do our boundaries lie? The main challenge this week may very well turn out to be putting healthy boundaries in place. Our empathy levels could be amped up when Jupiter turns direct. Pay attention to what feelings are actually yours and notice when you pick up on the energy of others.

The action advice is the 8 of Pentacles (Sun in Virgo). It’s a sign that we may need to counteract the visionary and fun-loving tendencies of Sagittarius with a good dose of Virgo medicine that helps us pay attention to details. This card also says that it is important to stick to our healthy daily habits and to avoid overindulgence of any kind this week.

The Quint

Our quint this week is 41/5 The Hierophant. We arrive at the quint by adding the numbers of the cards together and reducing them to a number between 1-22 (The Fool = 22) for one of the Major Arcana cards. It is this card that represents the central spiritual lesson in the week ahead.

This is a theme that carries over from last week. Interestingly, The Hierophant, just like the Knight, also puts emphasis on our faith. And while this card is more associated with exoteric religion, he sets the boundaries for what we choose to express outwardly or implement on a daily basis in our spiritual practice.

The corresponding Archangel, Sandalphon, can help us form healthy new faith-promoting habits. He is known as the Angel of Prayer. Ask him to guide you to the most authentic expression of your faith this week.

Quote of the Week

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
– C.G. Jung

Affirmation of the Week

My healthy daily habits support authentic self-expression.

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