27 Nov - 3 Dec Tarot Guidance

27 Nov – 3 Dec Week Ahead Guidance

27 Nov - 3 Dec

Hello Spirit Warriors, how did you enjoy yesterday’s New Moon in Sagittarius? May any intentions you set for the new lunar cycle be successful! Check out important Astro dates for the week ahead below. I feel that this week’s Mercury-Neptune square (1 Dec) is a particularly good fit with the message from the Tarot above. The other aspect that’s a good fit is Moon in Aries trine Sun in Sagittarius (3 Dec). Let’s prepare for the week ahead with guidance for 27 Nov – 3 Dec 2022. We are working with the Jesus Deck and the Sufi Tarot for this week’s reading. See the image above.

Important Astro dates this week:

28 November – Mars Rx in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius (you have all the energy you need to progress toward your goals today – a great start to the new week and a good day for getting tasks you usually dread done!)

29 November – Mercury in Sagittarius opposite Mars Rx in Gemini (unpredictable energy)

Mercury in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius (filter out any rash ideas before taking action, especially if they are likely to affect long-term goals)

1 December – Venus in Sagittarius opposite Mars Rx in Gemini (potential relationship problems and misunderstandings – don’t be too quick trying to problem-solve; authenticate your emotions first)

Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces (not much point in trying to stay focused – better to get creative and use your imagination instead)

Venus in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius (make sweet love to your long-term goals)

2 December – Moon in Aries trine Sun in Sagittarius (a great day for an adventure!)

3 December – Neptune stations direct in Pisces (brain fog lifts, deeper insights surface)

Moon in Aries trine Venus in Sagittarius (great day for a celebration or just hanging out with friends)

27 Nov – 3 Dec Tarot Guidance

There is a lot going on this week and as things start speeding up in the build-up of the festive season, we receive an invitation from the Tarot to strip things back to the essentials, go back to basics and keep things simple. Simplicity is particularly difficult when things start speeding up in a complex world. We want to keep up to avoid looking like/being looked at as fools.

The Joker in the Jesus Deck is like The Fool in the Tarot. The text on the card reads: “And here we are fools for the sake of Christ.” This is also an invitation to focus on the true reason for the season. In fact, this simple redirection of our focus may be the very action that strips away all stress and complexity.

In the Sufi Tarot, the Shah (King) and Son of Swords show up together with the 8 of Cups. No matter what spiritual path you are on, the real reason for the season is to connect with and give birth to the light within. To do this we must choose to walk away from the darkness all around us.

“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. Cleverness is mere opinion, bewilderment is intuition.”
― Rumi

Challenge in the week ahead

The main challenge this week is to drop down from the head into the heart. Don’t be afraid to look like a fool in the eyes of the world when you allow yourself to fall in love with the treasures of your heart. Anything other than falling madly in love isn’t living anyway. Rumi and St Paul agree on this.

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.
I Cor 13:2

The Quint

Our quint this week is 34/7 The Chariot (Cancer Zodiac Sign). Progress can be made but mainly in the realm of the emotional self and the imagination. We may feel prompted to move ahead full steam in other areas too but it is better to take it slow and to ask Spirit for guidance every step of the way. Any undisciplined, willful or rash moves will have negative consequences.

Being a fool for Christ/the Light does not mean acting stupid. True wisdom is foolishness in the eyes of the world. It means slowing down when everyone else around you is speeding.

The corresponding Archangel is Metatron.

Quote of the Week

I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.
― Albert Einstein

Affirmation of the Week

I slow down and allow myself to fall in love with the treasures of my heart.

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