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Angel Tarot Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Readings

Happy FriYay, my friends! I hope you are well and that you are on top of what is actually happening in the world. There is a staged version of reality currently appearing across legacy media. Pretty much everything that is happening now, including the ‘war,’ was planned by the elites a while back. It’s part of their Lockstep plan to bring in the digital IDs and social credit system so that they can have complete control over all their citizens. When they seem to ease off from the restrictions, it’s only so that they can catch us off our game when the next set of totalitarian measures are implemented. Hence, we must remain vigilant. So let’s see how the Angel Tarot Week Ahead Messages can help us with that!

Pick your angel above: gold for pile 1, purple for pile 2, and turquoise for pile 3 But don’t forget to read the Message for the Collective below before scrolling down to your individual reading. The decks used for the reading for the collective are the Witch’s Familiar Runic Oracle, the I-Ching of Love, and the Gilded Reverie Lenormand.

Week Ahead Message for the Collective

week ahead rune, iching and lenormand message for the collective

What’s the elephant in the room this week? Clue: It has to do with money and top-down control of resources and limitations on our ability to use resources that belong to all of us. That is the one thing the dying powers do not want you to think about right now. Or at least not unless you do it on their terms. They would literally do anything, such as create a war narrative, to distract you.

They are the masters of chaos and destruction. It falls on us, you and I, to restore order this week. So how do we do that? We become very clear on what we wish the future of our planet to look like. Then we maintain a steady focus and channel our resources (energetic and physical) toward those goals.

You can call on Elephant medicine to help you obliterate any obstacles as you move in the direction of manifesting the New Earth that Gaia-Sophia herself is birthing now. It’s a joint effort and we are not alone in this. Call in ALL the spirit helpers you are aligned with and able to direct/channel. Time is of the essence.

Angel Tarot Week Ahead Individual Readings

angel tarot week ahead reading pile 1

Pile 1

It’s likely that your energy levels will soar this week. Maybe it’s starting to look like spring where you live or perhaps you are carrying that feeling of child-like excitement within you. The trick is to stay focused on those positive feelings. Keep surrounding yourself with things and people that inspire you. The last thing you want to do now is to start comparing yourself to others. Remember, envy is the trademark of the Archons. Don’t play into their hands by falling for the temptation.

The way to beat the temptation is to allow yourself to play and not worry about the outcome. You can absolutely play your way to success. Create three affirmations that allow you to hone in on playing and having fun in the week ahead and repeat those affirmations daily!

angel tarot week ahead reading pile 2

Pile 2

You are feeling confident this week, yet at the same time oddly ambivalent. The reason is that you find yourself at a major crossroads right now. Essentially, on the mental-emotional plane, this choice should be fairly simple. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by specifics now. Simply choose the path that feels the most optimistic. Try connecting with the energy of your heart. The choice that is right for you will give you an expansive heart energy.

Some of you will partner with another person this week. The energetic alignment you have with this person will be really important. Are you aligned on the same path? Any sense of the other person impacting your energy negatively in any way is a sign to turn and walk away.

angel tarot week ahead reading pile 3

Pile 3

You are being pulled in two different directions this week and you may even be feeling emotionally pulled under by fear, confusion, and negativity. Understand that your will is being tested now. You have what it takes to pass this test but you need to learn to breathe and let go of any and all negativity in the moment.

Some of you who chose pile 3 are caught up in negative habits and self-destructive behaviour patterns that need to be cleared now. Call on Lady Wisdom to help with this. You are identifying with your emotional self to a high degree and this is making you easily manipulated and possibly even manipulative yourself. Release the sticky energy with a ritual cleansing with a ritual on the New Moon in Pisces. It’s time for a fresh start!


Lisa Frideborg

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