Angelic Tarot Message 2-8 October

Angelic Tarot Message 2 – 8 Oct

Angelic Tarot Message 2 - 8 October

Happy FriYay, Friends! This is an odd week. For a couple of days, it felt as if winter had arrived. Then yesterday, it was back to summer temperatures again. But I guess that is typical for the start of Autumn. This morning is also changeable. It started out with a golden sunrise and now it looks like it’s about to rain. It reminds me of the changeable times we live in. For our Angelic Tarot message today, we are working with The Sufi Tarot and the Visions of the Soul Meditation and Portal Cards.

Important Astro dates this week:

  • 4-6 October – Saturn squares Uranus
  • 8 October – Pluto stations direct

Angelic Tarot Message for the Week Ahead

Angelic Tarot Message for the Week Ahead

Pluto getting ready to station direct is showing here in the 4 of Pentacles. Things have been tough financially for a while now, for many of us. Pluto going direct is not likely to ease that pressure. The best way to prepare is probably to tighten our belts and put another jumper on. We must do all we can to create greater stability for ourselves to counterbalance the chaos around us.

Liz Truss acting out the role of the ‘Hand of Pluto‘ (Click the link for an interesting post by the Oxford Astrologer) here in the UK looks like a sign of things getting worse before they can get better again.

Manifestation from the Visions of the Soul deck is showing us that we still have the power to manifest everything we need. In this card, I see hands reaching up to Heaven as if in an ecstatic state of praise and worship. Praising the Divine for the abundance we are constantly receiving is what brings us more of the same. This is a spiritual law.

The palms facing upward are a gesture of being open to receiving. Are you open to receiving or is your ego-mind placing barriers in the way?

Being generous and living from the heart (Shah/Knight of Cups) strengthens our ability to receive. Remember, abundance comes in many forms. It is important to maintain a positive focus for manifesting more abundance for everyone, especially in times of financial hardship.

The Seven of Staffs (Wands) is about standing our ground. The Dying Powers are getting ready for their final push. This is totally tied in with the movement of Pluto through the final few degrees of the sign of Capricorn. They seek to push us in the direction of despair and total reliance on WEF-sponsored government interventions. We must find a better way forward and that will take a lot of courage.

The Quint

The quint of the three Tarot cards renders 23/5 The Hierophant. This energy was prominent in last week’s reading too. We need to rely on true and tested methods for generating stability for ourselves. However, we also need to trust our inner GPS, the guidance systems of our hearts, as witnessed by the presence of the Shah/Knight of Cups. This reflects the Saturn-Pluto square coming up 4-6 October. There may be some tension around what we feel intuitively is the right way forward and what the world (as opposed to our faith) is showing us. Always trust your intuition and lean into your faith!

Here, I also feel The Hierophant pointing us in the direction of practising whatever faith we profess. This is what will get us through, not just this week but the final few months of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto enters Aquarius in March 2023.

Remember that The Hierophant corresponds with Archangel Sandalphon, the Angel of Prayer and Music. Use both this week to raise your vibration and to express your faith. This is how we stay strong and united against the forces of destruction.

Quote of the Week

“Our praying, however, needs to be pressed and pursued with an energy that never tires, a persistency which will not be denied, and a courage which never fails.”
― E. M. Bounds

Affirmation of the Week

I align all my actions with a prayerful mind and a generous heart.

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