golden wirth tarot week ahead pick a pile readings

Golden Wirth Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Tarot Readings

golden wirth week ahead pick-a-pile tarot readings

Happy FriYay, my friends! And Happy Freya‘s Day! In many languages, today is named after the Goddess of Love. Of course, Freya is so much more than the Norse Goddess of Love. She is often referred to as the Queen of the Valkyries, as well as the Queen of the Völvas/Witches. Like Odin, she is also a psychopomp and a deity of war (yes, a total badass!). In the Romance languages, Friday is named after Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love. But now it’s time to pick a pile for your Golden Wirth week ahead Tarot forecast!

Before scrolling down to your individual messages, please read the general message from the Raven Cards Oracle for the collective below. Your individual message and the message for the collective are connected.

General Guidance for the Collective

raven cards oracle general guidance for the collective week ahead

“Spread your wings, open up your heart and give your blessing. Bless and be aware that the blessing, its bestower and the blessed are one.”

My Tarot card for December is The Devil. Spirit impressed on me that powers that have been surfacing and seeking global dominion in the past two years are culminating this month. In other words, the darkness intensifies. But does it mean that they are winning or are we witnessing the death throws of already dying powers? I think the latter. I think the rune reading I did for December confirms the same. Just hold the line and remember that it’s always darkest before dawn.

So the message from Raven today is about how this darkness enables us to shine more brightly. Raven is asking us to consider how we can be a blessing to everyone around us now. When we bless those around us, we light a candle in the darkness. This light in turn becomes a blessing on our own path. Tuning in to the Spirit of the Season, imagine yourself as the golden star at the top of the Christmas Tree… or the brightly sparking yule log in the fireplace if you prefer. Your light and warmth will make all the difference in the week ahead.

Each reading below shows how you can be a blessing (and be blessed in return) in these dark times.

Golden Wirth Week Ahead Tarot Readings

golden wirth week ahead pile 1

Pile 1

Pile 1 has been chosen by those of you who are a blessing to others through motherly nurturing and care. More than others, you have the ability to alleviate the anxieties of others with your warm touch and wise words.

You have had many struggles with fear and anxiety yourself in the past. This has served to make you empathetic toward others who struggle this way. You are now able to light the way forward for them, thanks to past troublesome experiences. There are many who will see you as a source of blessings in the week ahead. Just don’t forget to care for yourself as well as for others!

golden wirth week ahead pile 2

Pile 2

You chose Pile 2 because you are the soul alchemist and wise teacher among us. When others think that the world around them is falling apart (and it may well be in some ways), you are there to remind them about the bigger picture. You have the power to reorient others from their own personal problems and help them see themselves as part of the collective of consciousness evolution.

This intense time of service may well be your graduation exam before you exit the wheel of reincarnation. Be brave. Stay steady in your own devotional practices and draw on them for strength, and you will not fail. Thanks to your roots drawing deep from the rich soil of traditional spiritual wisdom, you have the ability to create order and help others stay calm when everything around them seems totally chaotic.

golden wirth week ahead pile 3

Those of you who are called to be Trailblazers picked Pile 3 this week! You have the ability to inspire hope and optimism in others. The hypnotic spell that is holding so many enthralled to the narrative right now never had a chance against your unique and often quirky way of perceiving and dealing with the Matrix.

Don’t be afraid to do things differently from how everybody else is doing things right now. The more innovative and even bizarre your ideas may seem, the more effective they will be in breaking the spell that so many find themselves under. Go shine your best and brightest weird-light!

Pile 3


Lisa Frideborg

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