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Pick a Card Week Ahead Tarot and Oracle Guidance

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It’s Time to Pick a Card!

Happy FriYay, Spirit Warriors! Pick a Card from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle for your FREE week ahead guidance. But before you scroll down to the reveal, take a moment to read the guidance for the collective. For the latter, we are working with the Mystical Shaman Oracle and the Priestess of Light Oracle. Your individual message ties in with the guidance for the collective.

General Guidance for the Collective

It’s time to wake up from the dream within the dream. Our ancestors are calling to us to stop believing that someone else is going to save us. We, you and I, are the answer to their prayers. And unless we rise up and physically STOP the bullies, they are going to succeed with their plans.

Forget about ‘ascending’ this week. Put roots deep down into Gaia. Reconnect with her wise counsel and that of your ancestors. Draw on their power. It is there for you. Turn away from false prophets that are seeking to lull you back to sleep with false promises of light and love.

You cannot love-bomb the forces of evil to make them stop. I’m speaking especially to those of you who are aware that you are here to defend humanity against evil, whether you are a sentinel/watcher or a warrior.

You have been lied to.

There is no salvation around the corner in the form of some celestial event or ‘white hat’ operation. You are it. Let that sink in and reconnect with those forces that can lend you the courage to fulfill your mission. You are supported but you actually have to DO your bit!

Please understand that the MAJORITY of those claiming to be awake now are not actually awake to the truth of what is going on because they do not know themselves or what they are here to do. They have taken the easy way out by trusting in religious leaders and New Age gurus.

Until we understand the true meaning of sovereignty, we cannot begin to move forward to defeat this evil. This week you choose sides. Passive or active, which will it be?

Pick a Card Reveal

Card 1 – Release

It’s time to let go of whatever is standing between you and your calling. Just let all that sh*t go now. You are being initiated. This will not be an easy week but you need higher intel to be able to move forward. Spirit is assisting you to make room for that so don’t make it difficult by clinging to what is dying away now. You are transforming and being transformed. It is part of your natural life cycle in this incarnation to give birth to a new, more empowered version of yourself.

Card 2 – Strengthening Bonds

You are part of a vast network of Spirit Warriors. Tap into the strength and power of this network through your heart. Actively connect and send love to all who stand for what is good in the world and wish for the Highest Good of mankind. Feel the love and support returning to you. Do the same with Mama Gaia herself, ideally while outside, among the trees or by the ocean or maybe on a mountain top. She will show you that you are invincible when you dedicate yourself in service to humanity. Connect and take heart!

Card 3 – Teach

You are one of the very few people who have a clear overview of what is actually going on in the world. Hence it falls on you to teach the rest of us. Speak up. Write. Tweet. Share information and intel. Expose. Do the job that journalists no longer are doing. Your reach will be phenomenal this week as people sense your sincerity as well as the veracity of what you share. Pisces season is serving you well in that sense. People are more in tune with their gut instincts and going with the flow of intuition. Please capitalise on this as we are being flooded with fake news, propaganda, and disinformation. The world needs your spiritual clarity!


Lisa Frideborg

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