week ahead pick-a-pile angelic guidance

Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile and Angelic Guidance

week ahead pick-a-pile tarot readings and angelic guidance

Pick a Pile from the Golden Botticelli Tarot

These readings are for the week beginning 14 February 2021. Take a deep cleansing breath and intuitively choose one of the three piles above from the Golden Botticelli Tarot for your individual week ahead message. The first pile is the rose quartz angel, the second is the selenite heart and the third is the raw black tourmaline.

The pick-a-pile messages tie in with the general reading for the collective below, so please read the guidance below before scrolling all the way down to your chosen pile

Angelic Week Ahead Guidance for the Collective

We are surfing the wave of Aquarian energy that came rushing in on the New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th. We currently have seven celestial bodies in the sign of Aquarius so you can count on this tidal way carrying you far forward if you are in sync and aligned with these energies.

The Angelic guidance for the week ahead is for those of us who may be struggling with this strong forward push into the future. We are being invited to look closely at what we are clinging to. Are we hoping for the old normal to return? Is it something more personal? Whatever it is, take some time in the days ahead to figure it so that you can hand it over to the Divine for release.

Remember that everything that has happened in the past can be transformed into the gold of wisdom if we are willing to leave the pain behind and move forward with the gift of what we have learned.

Two Key Points

There are two more things the angels want us to focus on in the week ahead. I had to laugh because this same message is coming through so strongly from Spirit for so many of us now. Perhaps you too have already seen this floating around online (Good, if that’s the case!):

a) break out of your routine this week and do something completely new. It doesn’t matter if you can’t go very far or don’t have a lot of money. This is not about buying a new experience – it’s about creating a new perspective by turning things upside down. You could have breakfast for tea, skip a meal, skip instead of walk, walk the other way around the track, listen to totally new tracks of music… whatever your inner muse guides you to do!

b) laugh more! Do whatever it takes to get a couple of good belly laughs in. Nothing clears stale energy more quickly than a laugh that bubbles up from the pit of the stomach and takes hold of the whole being.

Rose Quartz Angel Pile

Look closely if you are stuck in a routine with regards to how you go about your work. If you are feeling down about your career prospects, you can easily shift that feeling this week by going about your daily routine differently.

Jot some ideas for how you can do this down so that you have an anchor for trying something new and avoid slipping back into the same old, same old. Focus on how you relate to other people (colleagues, clients, customers) through your work. How can you create a more lighthearted experience for both you and them?

Selenite Heart Pile

This week is all about bringing the fun back into your closest partnerships and love relationships. If you don’t have any, you can start the process of manifesting them this week.

It’s child’s play, really. Just BE the sort of person you would love to be around and watch the magick begin. Water always seeks its own level in relationships. If you are a parent, look at what your children need to be happy. As you make them laugh more, your own happiness levels will naturally skyrocket.

Above all develop trust and confidence in your own being, not your persona – your essence. As you begin to radiate this essence out into the world, all the right people will be drawn to you, whether it be for love, friendship, or work partnerships.

Black Tourmaline Pile

This is the week to leave all past drama, tension and toxicity behind. However you feel about it, trying to fix it isn’t going to win you any awards. Just walk away and focus on creating harmony with kindred spirits.

Community building is a big theme for you this week but you can’t do it with people who are living enslaved to a divisive paradigm. You’re meant to roll with those who are surfing the future-oriented, unifying, consciousness-expanding Aquarian tidal wave.

How? You do this by staying aligned with Source and channelling through whatever comes in the moment. You simply must not let yourself get pulled down by drama. The service to humanity you can provide when you stay aligned is far too valuable.

Have a great week, my friends!


Lisa Frideborg

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