Runic Tarot Week Ahead Readings

Pick a Shape Runic Tarot Week Ahead Reading

Happy FriYay, my friends! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week. It’s time for the weekly forecasts. Choose the Triangle for pile 1, Circle for pile 2, and Square for pile 3. Before scrolling down to your individual Runic Tarot Week Ahead reading, take a moment to enjoy the general message for the collective with the Angels and Ancestors Oracle below.

General Message for the Collective

angels and ancestors oracle general guidance for the collective arrow

Arrow – Protect Yourself

As more people who up until this point never questioned the mainstream media narrative start getting more and more bewildered by the contradicting information coming from the sources they had been programmed to trust, expect things to polarize further. Those who have been paying MSM to feed the general public this narrative have to buckle down to avoid going down. They will do this by using increasingly agitating arguments that appeal to peoples’ fears and survival instincts. In other words, it’s about to get ugly/uglier.

You need a strategy for the week ahead unless you have the luxury of living in a hermit’s cavern deep in the woods somewhere. Top tip: avoid doom scrolling. It will achieve nothing. Instead, do whatever it takes to stay centered, grounded, and to keep your own vibration high.

Psychic shielding may also come in handy if you have to be in densely populated places. Before you venture outside, you can call on Archangel Michael to shield you. Visualize yourself cloaked in this Archangel’s electric blue light. Or you can try using the Thurisaz rune all around, with the thorn pointing out. Set the intent for only loving and life-affirming energy to be able to penetrate any shield you set. Having a bath or shower in the evening can also be helpful for cleansing your energy. Light a candle and practice centering prayer after.

Runic Tarot Week Ahead Reading

Runic Tarot Week Ahead Reading Pile 1

Pile 1 – Triangle

It looks like it’s going to people-y sort of week for you, my friend. Thankfully, your vitality and confidence levels look good. This means that you’ll be able to navigate any arguments that arise with grace and ease.

Others may look to you for leadership and guidance. Don’t make assumptions about what they need from you if this is the case. Ask questions instead so that you can help them in the best way possible.

This is a great week for making progress on any creative projects or ventures. Expect inspiration to arrive via the input of other people. Lively discussions will be of benefit.

Runic Tarot Week Ahead Reading Pile 2

Things are moving and shifting quickly for you this week, my friend. Thankfully, you have a quick wit and should be more than able to stay focused on your job while flowing with these changes.

However, there may be a slight emotional lag toward the end of the week. Prepare by pencilling in some self-care time to give feeling-self a chance to catch up.

Another helpful strategy to help you stay on top of all that needs to get done this week is probably to make a to-do list. Try to get the tougher jobs out of the way first thing in the morning and at the start of the week. You’ve got this!

Pile 3

Runic Tarot Week Ahead Reading Pile 3

A family holiday may not be on the cards quite yet but now is not a bad time to start planning one. Think about how to help everyone relax and have as much fun as possible in the not too distant future.

This positive focus on creating a future positive experience for your loved ones will protect you from some of the darkness and negativity that abounds this week.

Also, please make sure to get plenty of rest whenever you can over the next few days. This is how you rekindle your joie de vivre. Everybody wins that way!


Lisa Frideborg

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