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Star Tarot Week Ahead Readings – Pick a Button!

star tarot week ahead pick a button

Star Tarot Week Ahead Readings – Pick a Button!

Happy FriYay, my friends! Hope you are well in this period between two big eclipses. Please know that if you were knocked sideways by the recent Taurus Full Moon Eclipse, you were not alone. Thankfully, the next eclipse, a total Solar eclipse in Sagittarius is not going to be as burdensome. CLICK HERE to prepare for it in plenty of time. But for now, let’s take a look at the week ahead! For your FREE Star Tarot week ahead forecast, pick a button above. Brown for Pile 1, Yellow for Pile 2, and Blue for Pile 3.

Before scrolling down to your individual reading, please take a moment to check out the general reading for the collective this week. The deck used is the Crystal Reading Cards. This message is relevant to all of us and the individual readings tie in with it too.

General Reading for the Collective – A Right of Passage

week ahead general reading for the collective crystal reading cards cuprite

Cuprite is showing up in the time between the two eclipses mentioned above to indicate a collective rite of passage that we are all going through together over the next couple of weeks. We need to be mindful of this being an energetically and emotionally demanding time. Hence, we need to be gentle with ourselves and each other.

The energy of Cuprite is inviting us to sit with the pain of what is. This is not an easy time and even if we are okay as individuals, we’re sensing the pain of the collective. Shadow work is the order of the day, as is coping with collective shadow and karma.

Our freedoms and basic human rights are under threat and that is no small thing. We cannot simply brush this under the rug and hope for the best. However, right now there is also no straightforward path of action outlined for us to take. And perhaps it’s the not knowing how to act right now that is the most difficult part of this rite of passage.

In the Pressure Cooker

Because the emotional pressure to act is building to volcanic levels in some places. At times, we’re experiencing deep levels of anxiety about what might happen next. Yet, at other times, we can quite easily get excited about how things may suddenly turn around. We remain optimistic of a tipping point being reached so that a mass awakening can take place. Through it all, we must strive to maintain equanimity.

Whether or not a mass awakening takes place in the near future (my take is that we’re in for a long winter first at least), we still have to manage our private lives and our spiritual development. The latter is the most important part of this message by far… Because our collective future depends on the individual growth achieved during this time.

They seek to divide, conquer, stir up fear, and depopulate. Therefore, we must stay calm and open our hearts ever-wider to love, as well as actively seek what unites us. And that really is the test of how much we will grow during this rite of passage.

Star Tarot Week Ahead Readings

star tarot week ahead reading pile 1

Brown Button – Pile 1

If you chose pile 1, you are acutely sensing the grief of the destruction wrought by the dying powers. This may or may not have been in your awareness already but please know that much of the grief you are sensing does not belong to you personally but rather to the collective.

Your rite of passage includes learning to reach out instead of isolating yourself. Yes, it’s tough when you are sensitive but you must start seeing yourself as part of a team, working together with others to heal humanity. The more you work together with others, especially in person, the better you will feel.

The quint of these three cards is XI Justice which means that your spiritual initiation for this rite of passage involves reaching higher levels of integration and harmony. A good rune to meditate with is Gebo.

star tarot week ahead reading pile 2

Yellow Button – Pile 2

If you chose pile 2, your right of passage is one of beginning to see yourself more as a steward of creation and someone who creates community in practical and sustainable ways. Some of your gifts are literally needed for the survival of those in your care, whether you are a healer, medical professional, or business person.

Your rite of passage involves accepting the heavy burden of responsibility that rests on your shoulders now. Pay attention to detail in the week ahead. As this is one of your strengths it may come naturally to you but please understand that it does make a massive difference in the lives of those around you.

The quint of these three cards is 28/1 X The Wheel of Fortune. Staying focussed and centred is more important than ever, especially if there is an emotional pull of nostalgia. Now is not the time to daydream about how things used to be so much better. You are here to be a driving force forward. A good rune to meditate with is Jera.

star tarot week ahead reading pile 3

Blue Button – Pile 3

If you chose pile 3, you are extremely sensitive to both human emotions and various celestial events affecting Earth right now. Your challenge is to keep grounding your energy and look after your physical wellbeing. This is so that you can function as a pure channel for any messages that want to come through from the Divine.

It’s especially important for you to stay away from any consciousness-altering substances such as alcohol or cannabis. Your rite of passage involves purification and possibly a clearing out of any habits that prevent you from keeping your physical vessel pure/a clear channel.

The quint of these three cards is 29/11 XI Justice. For some of you, this goes way beyond a personal calibration for greater harmony. It could mean an invitation to become a devotee of and channel for a deity. The rune to meditate with is Ehwaz.


Lisa Frideborg

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