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Tarot Pick-a-Pile — Week Beginning 28 February 2021

tarot pick a pile 28 february

Hello, my friends and Virgo Full Moon Blessings! It’s been a while since I did a video reading, so I thought it might be a nice change of pace to try it for the general week ahead guidance. For the week beginning 28 February, we are contemplating the virtues of Saint Cunnegunda through the lens of the Tarot.

I will be alternating between focusing on saints, angels or readings from the Gospels (including the Gnostic Gospels) for the week ahead guidance. This focal point becomes our spiritual anchor for the week ahead. The accompanying Tarot reading provides further food for thought. I recommend that you keep a journal for any ideas or questions that arise from these readings.

You will find the individual pick-a-pile Tarot readings below as per usual. Do take a moment to relax by releasing any tension on the exhale before intuitively choosing your pile above. From left to right, we have clear quartz, green aventurine, and blue lace agate (somehow it’s managing to look white in both pictures, so you’ll have to take my word for it).

The Tarot deck we are working with for the pick-a-pile Tarot readings is The Complete Kit by Running Press and in the video below, I’m using The Muse Tarot deck.

Angelic Tarot Guidance for the Week Ahead

Clear Quartz Pile

week ahead pick a pile tarot reading

You face an important decision with regards to finances this week. You may feel like sticking your head in the sand and hope for it to blow over. However, the truth of the matter is that your intuition can guide you to a perfect solution. All it takes is willing to face the issue head-on. Trust and allow the solution to arise spontaneously once you have acknowledged the problem. It could even arrive in the form of a dream message!

Green Aventurine Pile

week ahead pick a pile tarot reading

You feel that someone close to you isn’t being honest with you. Your intuition is trustworthy on this. Someone is not telling you the truth. If someone is asking to borrow money, promising to pay you back at a certain date, only lend them the money if you are 100% certain you can manage without that money when that day rolls around. This week is all about personal boundaries and honouring your gut feelings about people. Some of them are playing you for a fool. It’s up to you to not let them!

Blue Lace Agate Pile

You are in a good position to make a lot of progress this week, especially with regards to work and earning an income. The challenge is to remain practical and to not allow yourself to become distracted. Work with others who share your goal and focus on keeping the team together. Together you are much stronger than each on your own. It is quite possible that others will look to you to take on a leadership role. The work you do this week could receive recognition and good will from influential people.


Lisa Frideborg

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