Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Aries 24 Feb

Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes

Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Aries 24 Feb


You will face great resistance this week and this has to do with wanting a new beginning romantically but seeing no way forward intellectually. You are at the end of your tether. The lines of communication are likely to be crossed with this person who is likely to be an air sign. When things are good, you two really spark off each other but when things are bad, you feel as if you lose your footing a bit. Right now, you want them to hurt the way they hurt you. But hold up, did they really hurt you on purpose?

To avoid making this situation worse and more stressful for you, allow the other person to come to you. Step back and ground yourself. Eventually, they are likely to want to reconnect as this usually is a mutually beneficial relationship.

When you do step back a bit, you will probably be able to see that your own expectations and need for speed are partly to blame. Everything has a natural rhythm and trying to force things just puts things out of whack.

For some of you, this could be more about a work relationship or friendship than a romantic relationship. However, matters of the heart look large this week, so check in with your feeling-self and make sure that your heart and mind are aligned before making any important decisions.


Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Taurus 24 Feb

A new idea that could benefit children or creatives in some way is coming to you this week. It’s important that you act on this idea since it will definitely benefit the collective if you do. Success is also on the cards, so forget about the backburner and your ‘there’s always time for this later’ mentality – Trust me, the world needs this now.

You will need to do some research about the practical or financial elements around this innovative idea, so set some time aside for this in the week ahead.

Feeding your creative self with what inspires you will help you stay in flow. All the support you need to make this dream come true is there for you now, and the more you act on your intuitive nudges, the more the pieces of the jigsaw will begin to come together.

This week has the potential to be a happy time for you and you could receive some kind of recognition or an award of some sort.


Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Gemini 24 Feb

You are likely to find yourself on an emotional roller coaster this week. There are very high highs and considerably low lows, the latter mainly to do with work-related stress. The stress could be to do with how your boss is treating you. If you’re not happy, you need to let them know

Watch out if you are self-employed – How are you treating yourself? Do you pause long enough to come up for air? Does your family experience you as fully present or are you preoccupied with work matters?
Finances are tough this week. Restraint will be needed to avoid overspending. Budget carefully at the start of the week and you’ll be fine.
Remind yourself often that you got this and that you are going to be okay.

At the end of the week, you’ll be able to give yourself a pat on the back for handling so many things and making decisions on the fly so well.


Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Cancer 24 Feb

Brace yourself, my lovely – We have a Tower week coming up and it’s all to do with bad or badly timed decisions of people around you. Try to not get too down about it. Sometimes we just have to accept that there is not much we can do and let the chips fall where they may.

There will be a clean-up job to do for you once everything calms down. Hopefully at least one of the people who were the cause of the chaos that caused the mess will volunteer to help with the aftermath.

When people around you are stubborn and refuse to see reason, go to the seaside, visit a river, lake or pond or allow yourself to sink into a nice hot bubble bath to relieve the stress and tension. You’ll get through this week, so stay calm and carry on.


Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Leo 24 Feb

You wish to progress a relationship with someone who is guarded. This is less to do with you and your relationship than it has to do with things going wrong in the past for this person. This in turn lead to trust issues for them and to add stone to burden, they are not the best communicator on the planet.

Can you get past this? Should you even try? Things started on such a high with this person… but in the end, this person s probably not the one, as much as you appreciate how practical and good with money they are.

So what should you be doing instead this week? The 10 of Swords could be an indication of raised anxiety levels, so focus on looking after yourself mind-body-spirit and focus on any practice that involves an element of relaxation. Yoga springs to mind but anything that makes you happy will work. Do a little bit of self-care every day this week.


Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Virgo 24 Feb

Hey Virgo, you probably don’t like to admit it but you’ve got the horn for somebody big TIME – You’re just not sure if they feel the same. This is not the time to dither and hope the other person makes the first move. ACT on your desire!

What’s the worst that can happen? You find out they’re not that into you? Fine… NEXT!

It’s time to move on from waiting for someone to come knocking. Get yourself on Tinder and stop turning down your friends’ invitations to do things. The right one for you is out there, hoping you’ll find them and this is as good a week as any to get lucky.

Look out for good matches with people who are either Gemini or Taurus.


Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Libra 24 Feb

You either have reconnected with someone from your past, or you are hoping to. Is this a good idea? If they are Aquarius or Virgo then yes – chances are they will enjoy reconnecting as much as you do!

Chances are also that this person is an actual soul mate, someone you have shared past lives with. There are cosmic, karmic ties which are pulling you back together at this point, with a little bit of help from the current Mercury retrograde.

Focus on making the reconnection fun, to alleviate some of the pressure you feel. Making sure that both of you have a really good time is a winner and could lead to more fun further down the line.


Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Scorpio 24 Feb

This is a week of big endings and new beginnings for you. Luckily one of the things that are ending now is confusion – Partly thanks to input from a friend or family member who has a more grounded and practical view of what is going on.

They can also help you see who to trust and whom to avoid if you feel a bit muddled about that.

Alternatively, this person will be instrumental in helping you find a new job or even embark on a brand new career path. Look for a Taurean or someone with a lot of Taurus trait to assist you with either of the concerns discussed.

Because not everyone around you can be trusted at this point, you are better off playing your cards close to your chest… but hey, that’s what you Scorpios excel at anyway so keep calm and carry on!


Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Sagittarius 24 Feb

It looks like some kind of reward or promotion is on the cards for you this week, especially if you work in the health and wellbeing sector. You have been stressing about your performance but this week your mind will be put at ease and you will feel appreciated for all you do, one way or another.

If you are self-employed, there may be some confusion about which direction to move. You are facing some options now and neither of them feel terribly palatable. This is a great time to get a personalised reading, in other words!

Seeking guidance from a Capricorn for a different perspective will be beneficial.


Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Capricorn 24 Feb

A legal matter (or unwanted paper work) could rear its ugly head this week for you. Luckily you are surrounded by supportive people who can help you deal with the details. Regardless of how much support you have, this is likely to take an emotional toll on you but if you let others help, it won’t push you over the edge.

The advice from the Tarot is to keep your head down, get on with your own work and let others handle the legal business or paperwork as much as possible. There are not likely to be any lingering consequences of the situation you are coming up against, so try to relax and breathe your way through it.

Focus on keeping your peace of mind while this minor problem is resolved. It’s not worth any of your stress!


Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Aquarius 24 Feb

While I don’t normally recommend gambling, it does look like you could get luck this week. Large sums of money are not showing but I’d be surprised if you win nothing at all.

You will need to buckle down and get some work done too this week. In fact, work looks like it could get quite busy for you, so if you’re not the gambling sort, a bit of extra money could comin in this way. Either way, you’re not likely to have to live off pot noodles this week.

This is also a good week for socialising and dating if you have been wanting to get going more with either. Fated events and connections are on the cards and some of them will prove to be very lucky indeed… but only if you get yourself out there and seen!


Week Ahead Dice Tarotscopes Pisces 24 Feb

This is your month and your lunar cycle, as witnessed by The High Priestess showing up in this reading. Piscean energy becomes you and opportunities to further your career (especially if you work as a psychic or spiritual counsellor) are on the horizon this week.

However, your mind is working against you. I cannot stress how important it is for you to keep negative thoughts in check now, as they could derail you almost completely from any of the success that will otherwise be there for you.

It’s best if you hold your hands up to own your deeply self-destructive streak now and get those negative thoughts out of your head and onto paper… paper that you will then burn so that you can reorient yourself toward the success and the money that await if you stay positive and BELIEVE in yourself and your gifts.

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Blessed be!


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